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A small suggestion


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In the "I'm not sure that it belongs in this section" category-


How about introducing (more) (Un)Holy Water into the game - it would be an item available for purchase in temples (perhaps each faith has holy water with differing properties - not PnP, but worth a thought, I think).


If a character obtains a cleric stronghold (or perhaps the paladin stronghold - but that is beyond the scope of this mod) then they can produce their own holy water, the process is a bit time consuming however (8 hours + 1 turn, followed by 8 hours of rest) and requires a big, expensive, specially prepared font; from High Level Campaigns (2nd edition):


Holy water can be created once per week, requires the following spells (after 8 hours of fasting and meditation):

Create Water (not in game - could be omitted)

Purify Food & Drink (likewise)


Chant (for 1 turn)



The size of the font determines its cost:

6 vials: 1d6x10gp + 120gp (basin) + 200gp (pedestal)

8 vials: 1d6x50gp + 1,000gp (basin) + 350gp (pedestal)

10 vials: 1d6x100gp + 1,800gp (basin) + 500gp (pedestal)

14 vials: 1d4x500gp + 5,200gp (basin) + 750gp (pedestal)

18 vials: 1d4x1,000gp + 8,000gp (basin) + 1,000gp (pedestal)

24 vials: 1d4x1,000gp + 15,000gp (basin) + 1,250gp (pedestal)

32 vials: 1d4x1,000gp + 18,000gp (basin) + 1,500gp (pedestal)

40 vials: 1d6x10,000gp + 50,000gp (basin) + 1,750gp (pedestal)

50 vials: 1d10x10,000gp + 100,000gp (basin) + 2,000gp (pedestal)


I suggest purchase of the font be by dialogue, and the process be by cutscene (requires the right spells memorised).


Holy Water could be used as a 'raw material' for making healing potions, etc.


Just an idea (or 2).



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Traditionally (at least in the D&D rules) holy water would damage most undead (I think the exceptions explicitly stated this in their descriptions) and creatures from the lower planes (see DMG, 2nd ed. p.63).

The damage done cannot be regenerated either.

As a thrown weapon, a standard sized vial of holy water inflicts 2-7 hps damage to the target, and 2 hp splash damage to all eligable targets within 1'.


Unholy water works the same way, except that instead of undead and creatures of the lower planes, it affects "paladins, creatures whose purpose is to serve good, and creatures of the upper planes", although I'm pretty sure that the latter two categories are pretty much the same anyway.


Would it be possible to make a 'create holy/unholy water' HLA available only if the cleric has a cleric stronghold?


...and could we have a 'rules quoting'/'rules lawer' smiley please :)



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Global("stronghold","GLOBAL",1) // don't know the stronghold variable offhand







The 'myspell' will use effect #313 to set MYSPEL01 (Resource) to 1 (param 1). Then use MYSPEL01 as a pre-req in the LUCL0 (or whatever high level ability 2da you want). This technique was used for the Druidic Sorc kit for determining when the character had picked from each "tier" of HLA's.

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