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Discussion started from Aran Whitehand development -



  • AreaCheck() does not cover mod added areas without specific addition
  • AreaType() does not cover mod added areas without specific addition
  • AreaType(CITY) was intended to cover city outdoor areas
  • Looking for a way of getting all areas, vanilla and modded, to be able to be checked for being in a city and an inn, so that the appropriate movie can be triggered and content can be tailored and still make sense

Suggestions so far:

  • Worse: Research and create mass "MYAREA" script extensions for all such areas
  • Better: Create and identify new AreaType()s and set them up as community resources






AreaType() checks fail. Keep that in mind. You will need a more robust check than AreaType(CITY) to determine where the party is sleeping and cue the appropriate cutscene. You may need to do an extensive OR() block area check for this. Just saying. I've got the code up elsewhere and can post it here if you need it.

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Yep - I need to raid everyone's "things I learned the hard way' and create a checklist ???


I'd love the code, if you could - I have a number of PID things that rely on AreaType().


I do remember that putting an AreaType() at the beginning of the evaluation caused disaster back in bg1npc testing.

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I didn't know that they fail, but the mod-added areas not correctly flagged is a point, and I think the remembered problem with AreaType() was that if you *start* an evaluation seqiuence with it in Tutu it crashed. Hold on, let me google the workroom...


heh. Still looking, but I may have mis-remembered - here is the upshot of most of the conversation, as reported to igi by Jastey for the IESDP:




so dead NPC with AreaType() on all i.e. games causes troubles.


Solution for this one,

#1 - incorporate other triggers that check for alive-ness first,

#2 or only put them in scripts where the actor has to be alive to run them... ???


second interesting thing - without Fixpack, some oddities on what is and isn't flagged correctly for Resting movies animations, is that what we are talking baout? http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?s...ost&p=67578



Berelinde, any clarification on the AreaType problem?

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...aaand the AreaType() crashes are in BG1NPC workrooms;


from CamDawg:

In all honesty, I think it may be that an AreaCheck may automatically fail for a dead character. Try a re-ordering of the triggers and see if you get the same crashes. For example, that second block from cmorgan would be




This may not apply to regular BG2, as we just decided to be safe rather than sorry and move all the AreaType() checks further down the condition list.

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Sorry for posting only half an explanation.


The problem that I was having was that areas are flagged inconsistently. Inns are not necessarily flagged as CITY, etc. I wanted to use AreaType(CITY) instead of an OR() AreaCheck() block because I wanted the flexibility of including mod-added inns, but half the time, the wrong cutscene would cue and the NPC would take the PC out for a walk in the woods in the middle of Athkatla.

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