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When Will G3 Be Shut Down?


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See topic. If I recall correctly the gibberlings three website was originally meant to be shut down once the delainy mod was finished, but now it is home to many other mods.


I don't know anything about keeping a website, but I imagine it costs money. Is the gibberlings three site ever going to die, dissapear or merge with another site? Or will it stay on the web forever?

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We're not going anywhere. :rolleyes:G3 did start as a place for Bri and I to discuss Delainy and it really wasn't my intention to start a modding site. Now that we've grown so much I am committed to keeping the site running. If it comes to pass that I no longer wish to do it (I don't see this happening any time soon--still many fun projects on my list) I'll hand the keys to someone else. :D


As for the costs incurred, we're fortunate to have many folks helping us. The biggest use of bandwidth are the downloads, and thanks to the kindness of our mirrors--Michel/Shodan, icelus, Black Wyrm and TheWizard's IEGMC-the majority of that cost is deferred. This means we can eschew running ads or using one of the wait-in-line file server sites like File Planet or 3DD.

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