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Can the following abilities be done on an item?


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Uhm, I was wondering if it is possible to add the following abilities to an item (say for 8 hours' time after activating the thing):


Spell Duration increase +5%

Spell Range increase +5%

Spell Damage increase +5%

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You could give the item an extension header with an effect that casts a spell with the desired results after an eight hour delay. However, to the best of my knowledge, it is only possible to alter a spell's duration, not its area of effect or damage. That opcode also only seems to affect certain spells - summoning spells are unaffected, I believe.



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Are some effects for the wild surges hard-coded? If not, there should be metamagic effects for changing duration, projectile speed, AoE, saving throws, spellcasting level, and spell effectiveness (?). The last one might double the amount of mosters summoned or damage inflicted - just a guess. Of course, those spells are not included in the SPWMxxx spells, so I don't know what the opcodes would be. I'm specifically trying to find the opcode that affects projectile speed/AoE.

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Spell duration could be increased/decreased, but spells like Ice Storm take their duration from the projectile (remain unchanged).


I doubt damage could be increased/decreased, unless you increase/decrease resistance.


Range cannot be affected.

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