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Tsujatha and other "Jude Law" NPC portraits


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I recently realized one of the aims I want to make with my portrait packs is to weed out the various iterations of Jude Law circulating around the modding scene. There are a lot of hot celebrities, both past and present, who could sub in for Jude Law in all the various mods he's been used in.


Those I know of are:

- Xan

- Tsujatha

- one of the Kelseys

- some blonde guy whose mod name I forgotten by now ;___;


So I'm looking to the community for help. Please name me the mods that are using Jude Law as the face model for the portrait, besides Xan. (Xan will always be Jude Law in my book, since that's the first custom portrait for a mod I ever saw Jude Law tied to. ;-) )


If you want to go above and beyond, help name me celebrities whom you think look appropriate for those "Jude Law" mods. For example, I have this urge to make Tsujatha out of Robert Patterson. ;-) Also I feel it's a great loss that Johnny Depp and David Bowie have not circulated around the modding scene. %)


So yeah. Name those Laws and then name alternate celebrities, so I can append them to my NPC portrait pack!

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Pigeon, that is the funniest thing I've seen since I joined this site.


EDIT: I meant the funniest thing on the site, but actually, maybe in all reality as well.


For example, I have this urge to make Tsujatha out of Robert Patterson. ;-)


Omg yes, he is sooo hot, I use him not just for NPC mods but for vanilla NPCs too!

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LOL pigeon! Comedy gold! You just sealed Edward- oh, I mean Tsujatha's - fate! XD


To be fair, if anyone wants to make suggestions for Xan, too, I am open to that. I like him enough to do a portrait for each of his romance paths, LOL, and I am sure there are people who are sick of seeing Jude Law's face in any capacity. I do ask for celebrities though because it's easier than trying to track down permissions from stock artists. But if you have a stock photo that you think really looks like a Xan I am willing to try to hunt down permissions.


In defense of Law as Xan too - I know nothing of his personal life, but the role he played in Gattaca reminded me very much of Xan. Extremely intelligent, prickly, aggressive, confrontational, elitist, competent, and underneath all that still kind, willing to learn, responsible, realistic, willing to sacrifice for others, and ultimately completely and utterly depressed. He may have played a real cripple instead of an emotional one but it was a good show!



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Thanks! There is a ton more like it released in a mod at SHS and I am currently working on an expansion. Also MiLeah and I are collaborating on a REALLY BIG PC portrait pack of awesome, so there is a lot of new portrait artwork coming out in the future. Hence this thread, and a real attempt to cut down on Jude Lawlessness. XD


Und vielen dank, ich habe spaß beim bildbearbeitung! :p

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Well, to be honest, these are roughs, so they would be edited to "suit" - the hair would look natural in the first and the clothing would change, there would be no cross in the second, and in the third there would be no beard and some actual clothing in the final. However as it stands we have 1 1/2 votes for #2 and 1 1/2 votes for #3 so we're tied! :p

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