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The SpellRES commands are one of the features of the BG2 engine that was only partially implemented for SOA... so it's THERE, but you can't _directly_ compile the commands unless you have TOB, or if you use some code that appends ACTION.IDS for SOA players. Quest Pack and probably most of Cam's mods have it, so you'll either need to steal it or declare TOB-required if you want to use the commands in .d or .baf code with WeiDU.


(Another way around the problem, which I've used in the past, is to use precompiled BCS files from TOB machines, and then EXTENDing those in. That, too, will let it work in an SOA-only environment, but is a little clunky.)

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If that's the only reason that the mod is ToB- required, then I would definately suggest you add the code to your tp2 to append to the action.ids. It's relatively simple on your end, and opens the mod up to everyone.



As a side note, the only other major compatibility conflicts you will run into with SoA vs ToB is if any spells use effects 300-316(?). Not sure what the ending number is but basically everything above 300 was added for ToB, so it will make a SoA-only game crash. Also, if the mod requires a player to be a Wild Mage, then that will obviously require ToB.

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Might as well be TOB only, hell even MAC users don't have the "can't get TOB" excuse anymore.  :)

True, but we can still say we can't PLAY it...I have TOB, but it runs so slowly that it's not worth the upgrade. I know - I've got an ancient computer, but there are still some who prefer to download a mod that is SOA-compatible, especially if it's only a matter of 25 lines or less of tp2 code (which is all it takes to append all the TOB action.ids and trigger.ids stuff for us SOA users).

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APPEND ~action.ids~ ~31 SpellRES(S:RES*,O:Target*)~
UNLESS ~SpellRES(S:RES*,O:Target*)~
APPEND ~action.ids~ ~95 SpellPointRES(S:RES*,P:Target*)~
UNLESS ~SpellPointRES(S:RES*,P:Target*)~
APPEND ~action.ids~ ~113 ForceSpellRES(S:RES*,O:Target)~
UNLESS ~ForceSpellRES(S:RES*,O:Target)~
APPEND ~action.ids~ ~114 ForceSpellPointRES(S:RES*,P:Target)~
UNLESS ~ForceSpellPointRES(S:RES*,P:Target)~
APPEND ~action.ids~ ~160 ApplySpellRES(S:RES*,O:Target)~
UNLESS ~ApplySpellRES(S:RES*,O:Target)~
APPEND ~action.ids~ ~181 ReallyForceSpellRES(S:RES*,O:Target)~
UNLESS ~ReallyForceSpellRES(S:RES*,O:Target)~
APPEND ~action.ids~ ~191 SpellNoDecRES(S:RES*,O:Target*)~
UNLESS ~SpellNoDecRES(S:RES*,O:Target*)~
APPEND ~action.ids~ ~192 SpellPointNoDecRES(S:RES*,P:Target*)~
UNLESS ~SpellPointNoDecRES(S:RES*,P:Target*)~
APPEND ~action.ids~ ~240 ReallyForceSpellDeadRES(S:RES*,O:Target)~
UNLESS ~ReallyForceSpellDeadRES(S:RES*,O:Target)~
APPEND ~action.ids~ ~318 ForceSpellRangeRES(S:RES*,O:Target)~
UNLESS ~ForceSpellRangeRES(S:RES*,O:Target)~
APPEND ~action.ids~ ~319 ForceSpellPointRangeRES(S:RES*,P:Target)~
UNLESS ~ForceSpellPointRangeRES(S:RES*,P:Target)~
APPEND ~action.ids~ ~337 ReallyForceSpellPointRES(S:RES*,P:Target*)~
UNLESS ~ReallyForceSpellPointRES(S:RES*,P:Target*)~
APPEND ~trigger.ids~ ~0x4031 HaveSpellRES(I:Spell*Spell)~
UNLESS ~HaveSpellRES(I:Spell*Spell)~

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