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BioWARE romances were written in a WEEK!


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I just saw this post by Gaider and for me it is an absolute astonished discovery:




The quote, for the lazy ones is:


If you wonder whether or not this can be done, let me just say that usually I get one, maybe two weeks to write a particular character. Tops. And that's for the ones with a romance. With DA we're scheduled for a month per (although that includes edits and re-writes). Still, that's not bad and hopefully will allow for something a bit more considered (if the schedule doesn't end up changing, which it often does... still, that's the plan).


And we critisize this guy after spending months on writing?

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I'd assume that some of the writing was done outside normal working hours (especially as the deadline approached :) ). But it's still faster than I could manage. I suspect that many of the problems most people had with the romances could be solved by giving writers more time, but time is money, isn't it?



*scuttles away in shame to do some writing*

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Well, when I saw it I actually figured I'd stop whining about things I whined about before critisizing Bio's work. We have an advantage of taking our time, having writer's blocks, throwing ideas around for quite a while etc which Gaider apparently did not. So, considering all that Anomen's romance is actually a masterpiece :)

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This is one example of why game companies like to hire people who love games and gaming; having the skills is nice, but you also have to love the work. Such people can do such things in short time because they live for it, and they think nothing of putting in long weeks (up to 80 hours or more), as many credit lists mention when thanking spouses, relatives and friends for putting up with said long hours. (Especially when the suits say it's time to ship, ready or not.)

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