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IceWind Dale 2

Ishad Nha

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What is the status of Icewind Dale 2 on GemRB? I have IWD2 installed on my PC so I can see how it goes.

A Python tamer I am not, I know some basic C++ and that is about it.


At the party creation screen, choosing a New Party, created by yourself, leads to the creation of a party where no caster has any spellbooks?!? Everyone starts off down five hit points.

I will have to use one of the pregenerated parties, mumble grumble, at least they work. None of them are really to my taste.


Edit, Monday 15 July 2013:

Latest save game will now be uploaded to here.

Currently party is at AR4102.


Latest party line up is:

The Watcher, Aasimar LG Paladin (Helm)

Alia Shield-Maiden, Gold Dwarf TN Cleric (Tempus)

Harbesh Carver, Human NG Rogue/Ranger

Tianya, Ghostwise Halfling NG Cleric (Lathander)

Amraith, Wild Elf LG Sorceror

Mirai, Moon Elf NG 10 Wizard/20 Druid, or 12Wizard/18Druid


Human NG Rogue/Ranger: takes levels in the ratio 1 Rogue and 1 Ranger.

Here the Druid loads up with offensive spells only. Healing is handled by the two Clerics.


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The next release due in a few days makes the iwd2 experience much much better. However the chargen dialog for spells is not implemented and neither is level-up, so it's hard to get past the prologue.

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Can't find the text that gives a description for each pregen party.

Level up can be mimicked with DaleKeeper2 I suppose, for the time being. Ditto you can alter a save file with Near Infinty.


Couldn't find the text that gives a description for each pregen party, it is in Party.ini, all in plain text of course. Now I can see which PCs I want, then alter their file names so they all occur in the same party.

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I have finally assembled a new party from the pregenerated PCs. I renamed their Chr and Res files to make them all members of the White Rose band.

"Git" version what is that, anything recent? I am currently using GemRB-win32-v0.7.2-839-ga7c26b8

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Party line-up is:

The Watcher ,Lawful Good, Male, Aasimar, Paladin of Helm

Harbesh Carver ,True Neutral, Male, Shield Dwarf, Rogue

Alia Shield-Maiden ,True Neutral, Female, Shield Dwarf, Cleric - Battleguard of Tempus

Tianya ,Neutral Good, Female, Half-elf, Druid

Mordakai of Thay ,Lawful Neutral, Male, Human, Sorcerer

Dalwynd Meadsbreath ,Chaotic Good, Male, Lightfoot Halfling


Originally the Wizard was Mirai Wainwright (Chaotic Neutral, Female, Half-elf, Wizard), however she could not actually cast any spells, as I realized after doing half of AR1000, I started all over again.

So far everything is going alright. The problem with levelling up will have to be resolved with DaleKeeper2.



I was able to manually calculate new skills and whatnot, then enter the results into DaleKeeper2. Seemed to work out ok.

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One approach to levelling up is to do it in the original game then see what the resulting stats are. Then copy these stats into the GemRB Gam save game file using DaleKeeper2. This has worked in practice.

One problem that needs fixing is creation of memorization slots for level 2 spells. Near Infinity should be helpful here.


Cleared the Docks and the area below the Warehouse, now it is off to the Palisades.

Letter S causes a crash every time it is pressed, just as well the Spellbook button works okay.

Log said:

[ResourceManager]: Found 'sppr105.spl' in 'chitin.key'.

[ResourceManager]: Found 'sppr116.spl' in 'chitin.key'.

[ResourceManager]: Found 'sppr117.spl' in 'chitin.key'.

[ResourceManager]: Found 'sppr207.spl' in 'chitin.key'.

[ResourceManager]: Found 'sppr110.spl' in 'chitin.key'.

[ResourceManager]: Found 'sppr113.spl' in 'chitin.key'.

[ResourceManager]: Found 'sppr150.spl' in 'chitin.key'.

[Python/ERROR]: Traceback (most recent call last):

[Python/ERROR]: File "./GUIScripts/iwd2\GUISPL.py", line 112, in OpenSpellBookWindow

[Python/ERROR]: SelectedNewPlayer ()

[Python/ERROR]: File "./GUIScripts/iwd2\GUISPL.py", line 133, in SelectedNewPlayer

[Python/ERROR]: UpdateSpellBook ()

[Python/ERROR]: File "./GUIScripts/iwd2\GUISPL.py", line 153, in UpdateSpellBook

[Python/ERROR]: UpdateSpellBookWindow ()

[Python/ERROR]: File "./GUIScripts/iwd2\GUISPL.py", line 197, in UpdateSpellBookWindow

[Python/ERROR]: ms = MemorizedSpellList

[Python/ERROR]: IndexError: list index out of range

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Most of the levelling up will be done by DaleKeeper2. However it won't properly handle the spell slots, that aspect needs to be done in Near Infinity. Ditto Quick Spell buttons.

Spellbook display updates haphazardly when you switch spell level or PC.

Spontaneous Casting does not work ever.

Apart from that it is playing smoothly. Have finished with Targos, now it is off to Shaengarne Bridge.

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I am not actually the world's greatest programmer and I have never tried any work in Python. Also the code is far larger than anything I have ever worked with in C++, I would not know where to find stuff.

I will keep using DaleKeeper2 and Near Infinity.

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The Gem console, forgot about that.

Now the party has made it to the Shaengarne Ford, Orcs are tougher than Goblins...


Levelling up will still be done by DaleKeeper2 and Near Infinity. In DK2 or NI you can compare the save game from the original IWD2 with the save from Gem, this avoids clerical errors. It is all basically just point and click.

Also, I know of no way of automating the process in Gem, no batch files or whatever.

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