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CLONE woes


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I want to make each item which uses Pause opcode to give -2 AC penalty.


Code I use is this:


COPY_EXISTING_REGEXP GLOB ~^.+\.itm$~ ~override~
LPF CLONE_EFFECT INT_VAR match_opcode = 165 opcode = 0 parameter1 = "-2" silent = 1 END END
....but it doesn't work. Opcode is added just fine, but with with a value of 0 instead of -2.
Any ideas what I'm doing wrong with AC penalty? If I give it a +2 bonus, it works just fine. :undecided:
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Sounds like the LPF doesn't like to take the negative modifiers. There's history of this in the weidus forum pages. It could be that...

Well, this is from May 2015:


COPY_EXISTING_REGEXP ~.*\.cre~ ~override~
opcode = 301 // Critical hit bonus
timing = 9 //Permanent after death
target = 1 //Self
parameter1 = "-20" //Modifier
resist_dispel = 2 //Not dispellable + bypass resistance
Works fine....
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Try "(0 - 1)"




Not sure if that will work with CLONE_EFFECT. But worst-case scenario, use ADD_SPELL_EFFECT, where that should work.

When WeiDU gets stupid with negative numbers, first thing to try is always wrapping them in quotes. parameter1 = (-1) won't work, nor will parameter1 = -1, but it'll take parameter1 = "-1" just fine. kreso's call to "-2" is correct, the issue is in the function itself.


As for CLONE, yes, it's a limitation of the function as written. I needed a default value to check against it if something was changed/set by the function call, and I went with -1 as defaults for most values. There's some things we could do around the edges--e.g. change the lower bound to -10 instead of -1--or it could be fixed outright with a third series of variables like 'change_parameter1' = 0/1). I'm reticent to mess too much with a function that's now in fairly wide use for fear of breaking backwards compatibility. That doesn't mean you can't grab the source from GitHub and override it locally and/or make a new function from it.

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ALTER_EFFECT and CLONE_EFFECT are built the same way.


But I'm pretty sure the older functions - ADD_SPELL_EFFECT and ADD_ITEM_EFFECT etc. (the ones with three words in the names) - are different, and *can* take a negative value for parameter1. I definitely have it working in my mods.

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More CLONE help needed.

What I need is the following; I'm not sure if it can be done but anyway:

I need to clone "immunity to effect" with a specific value to another effect.

The 2nd part is easy, but how can I specify which exact effect I need matched for CLONE to work?


More specific - I need to clone immunity to effect: petrification to immunity to a specific spell.

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More specific - I need to clone immunity to effect: petrification to immunity to a specific spell.

Is there a reason to not just use two unique spells to facilitate this ? Aka, is the user a player character or just a .cre that can use a specific script to cast the spells they like ?


@subtledoctor, yeah,... but the effect needs to be in the spell only if the original creature cloned possesses the immunity.

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