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Imiona, impressive effort and HUGE project indeed

- I use the EET, so when i open the Chitin.key in BGEE2, Near Infinty tells me there are 2864 (!) Items. Some of them have no "Droppable" Flags, some only have "Displayable" and some have an Icon but no "Droppable/Displayable" Flag. Do i only have to change the Icon on "Drop/Displ" since the others never show up?


correct, but those undroppable items don't have unique icons (the usually use standard non-magical version icon of the particular item type)


- Since i use EET,does this mean that the Chitin.key File in BG2EE contains ALL the Items from BGEE and BGEE2/SOD (are they merged?)

EET have all items from these games, yes. Items with "_" suffix are BG:EE items with conflicting names (that's a reanme convention used by EET for resources with the same file names in BG:EE and BG2:EE but different properties)


To make your work a bit easier I've prepared a weidu tool similar to Interjection exporter that lists all stuff related to droppable and quest item icons in HTML file. Download package attached to this post. All EET item icons have unique rows that also lists all items that use particular icon. You can sort columns by clicking on a column label. May be a good idea to replace icons inside "icons" directory with yours (PNG files have exactly the same names as BAM icons) to keep track what still needs replacement. Highlighting item name will show you item description.


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