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Enhanced Edition Trilogy patch found herein

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Just a caveat: Roxanne's work in general should be used with discretion/warning, as there's been a history of implementing her own fixes/tweaks in isolation apart from cooperation with the original mod authors and the rest of the community. End result may be harmless or even helpful in some cases, but occasionally you may find unexpected issues with no documentation or warning. You can definitely run into potential compatibility issues, especially if say the mod authors implement updates/fixes and she chooses not to update her versions accordingly (has happened multiple times).

In particular, note that respected, reliable modders like DavidW and Jastey have recommended/warned against potential problems using Roxanne's methods and their mods. Given all this, her 'version 14' of NPC Strongholds... there may be some good work/fixes in there, but the fact that there's absolutely no documentation or even change history (even though HUNDREDS of scripts, items, creature files, etc were changed), the fact that the link to her version on her github is gone, combined with her past patterns/habits in how she did things, would make me very hesitant to use her version.

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Since the patch still hasn't resurfaced, am I right to assume that all @K4thos did was run the EET_modConverter tool included in EET on NPC Strongholds before installation to adjust the chapter variables? I really can't imagine playing without the wonderful NPC Strongholds, but then so many other mods are EET exclusive these days...

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