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  1. Yep, this mod is criminally under recognized. Vynd is awesome and one of the very few mod NPCs that really fits within good and evil parties while staying true to his character. So much this! To be fair, anyone who did play it can not get enough of Vynd.
  2. So nice to see this is amazing mod is not forgotten!
  3. Not really complaining, just something I keep forgetting to mention for years (yes, that long). It's about encounter with Left (witty male-witch). No matter the mods composition, game version or mod version one thing remains - during the second encounter if I choose to "stay and rest" dialog option, game freezes. Any other option is fine, so, since I am fine with them too it never truly bothered me. But since it looks like we have a spring house cleaning on forums, I am reporting one more bug
  4. And I am truly sorry for constant interjections where nobody is asking my opinion - my patronizing nature got the better of me, as always. But I do honestly hate to see people beating themselves up over the things they actually have to be proud of. Well, as you said, what's done - is done. We will survive and with isometric games Renaissance might even thrive
  5. If anything - it was not a waste of time! There are genuine newcomers and "returners", who need advises about mods. And you personally mitigated no small amount of damage to them by your posts presenting alternative opinion, giving fair warnings, and keeping mods in check (compatibility of mods in BWS and within mods itself, like cross-banters between Sandrah and other mod-NPCs). Even advises about modding that you might gave to Roxanne's alts, you actually gave indeed to the beginners - they just did not ask yet, but now can use any fake topic as a true FaQ. If not for you and others both forums could become a personal site for one modder. Preventing a disaster may be a less productive mod-making-wise time spent, but definitely not a waste!
  6. Same here - everything works just fine!
  7. Or it can be called Has the eet tool been updated too? I would like to stick with the EET tool Roxanne, I presume? Considering other topics here and on and forums? Never mind, it's not important. Just a suggestion - why not call your (Roxanne's) EET tool what it is - Sandrah(-EET)-install tool? Just to avoid confusion and cut unnecessary requests? For someone truly curious - as of now BWS allows you to install all the mods, including different mega-mods and EET. Would be wise to stick to it.
  8. The new BWS from official download links (like here, for example http://www.shsforums.net/topic/56670-big-world-setup-an-attempt-to-update-the-program/ ) fixed the problem. Just re-download it.
  9. The game version is indee pre-v2.5. Should we assume all the mods are adjusted to v2.5 since now on? Not a problem, just would be nice to be sure. Thank you for the fix. As usual, simple re-install of the mod only would do nothing and EET has to be re-installed too along with all the mods? (I know, I know, it's not the firs time I am asking, yet, somehow still hoping for the answer - go ahead, it will be fine ) (Btw, bug might be not reported simply because people normally do not touch something working (previous installations) and did not play v.16 yet I did it only because of BWS testing.)
  10. Ok, very first bug and at the very first quest - Unexpected Help. Game freezes when you accept the quest. Dialog with Linda goes well all the way to the end but with the last words "I will not go there untill he is ready to talk", instead of getting journal pop-up, you get frozen game ("Baldur's Gate II: EE is not responding"). Bug can be cured by EEkeeping in Global Variable C#Q08_KNOWSABOUTARM and Journal entry (though, entry does not appear in the game, and only become visible after talk with Trun, after the quest goes to the "done" section). Btw, journal entry has String Ref 273030, while in my other EET installation it is 273029. (Not sure if any of the above makes sense but here what I was able to dug up)
  11. And here I though at least that part is settled for me! Thanks, good to know. One day I will find enough strength to ignore all fixes and new shiny additions to favorite mods and simply run everything as it is
  12. Wow! Great updates! The only problem - it's impossible to start any game, I can not finish BG1 part with constant changes and re-installing. Does not help in curing my natural restartitism You have five NPCs you can take along, restarting will not make the party bigger. So installing more of them now may as well wait until next time. True, and I can wait, but Ajantis for SoD and Shine on Caelar look so tempting...
  13. Wow! Great updates! The only problem - it's impossible to start any game, I can not finish BG1 part with constant changes and re-installing. Does not help in curing my natural restartitism
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