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Looking for Corthala Romantique newest version


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Thank you, I scanned the available threads (I also have access to the workroom, but unfortunately the download doesn't work any more). I have Alpha v2, but Domi / Meira put more work into the mod so I hope someone has v3 and can link me to it!

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Unfortunately I don't know the name of the file I am looking for. What I have is called CR_041008.zip. So, maybe it would be called something like "CR_xxxxxx" (Domi posted the link on 09 July 2006 ). Or anything with "Corthala Romantique" in it from July 2006 or younger.



Or did I read it wrong and the version I have is from 2008? :crazyeyes: There are files from 2007 in it, now that I check. The readme states it's the Beta 3 of the SoA version, but there is ToB content inside. The .d files are not trayfied, though.


So, basically anything newer than July 2006 or - if anyone has it - the newest known version would interest me. (I edited the first post accordingly).

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It depends on how much work I'd have to put into it. (It's down on my list somewhere. No ETA etcpp. No poking, please. I was planning on doing this silently because I can't handle pressure (or the feeling of it) currently and also because I am not sure I'll finish it, as this depends on teh amount of work needed.)


Would you know someone who has the newest test version?

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