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Should all the Mod Authors unify under one forum?


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That's like asking should everybody convert to one religion... and solely become cannibals(aka only eat humans).

Yes, there could be benefits... but also you would be eating all the ones that died. Ouh yes, that's the first benefit, actually.

There would be no wars, as it's then all for the one, self, and there's no point killing "the enemy", as it's ... kinda everyone.


If you go and look, you can actually find that the old sites are all up, except the one that is related directly to business(black isles/bioware site), this is because Solaufein decided to preserve them. Well, except the few exceptions...


By the way, the above is an open scenario, you can start it at any time.

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Personal differences and disagreements. Had you been around a decade ago, you'd understand :) So no, not likely to happen, especially when given a choice where to settle.

Besides, building a reputable community takes time and effort. No one's gonna bat an eyelid if told to drop all their business and move to a new place.

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A beautiful dream Kaliesto but unfortunately not too likely. The BG modding scene has too much legacy and history... I think it'd be really resistant to that kind of change.


Although if you wanted to try and start an all-in-one consolidated website yourself, you could certainly try :)

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