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SR Revised V1.3.900 (2022 August 8th)

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Shapechange and Polymorph Self are such a pain - feel like I've tested them a billion times, and yet problems somehow keep cropping up with them. Can't do anything about the paperdoll, but I'll fix the others.


(e): 1.00e released:

1. Fixes Shapeshifts Natural Form not always changing back to...well, your natural form.

2. Correctly enables all forms for Shapechange Self (note: the Alpha Wolfwere form is a little preliminary in terms of design - not my intent to upstage Shapeshifter's Greater Wolfwere form, and I was thinking of eventually creating a "Revised Shapeshifting" subcomponent for those of us who don't particularly like any of the various "fixed"/revised Shapeshifting components currently out there in terms of dealing with the actual powers granted by druids' shapeshifting abilities).

3. The updated innate versions of Symbol of Fear/Death/Pain are now correctly installed (the files were previously in the wrong folder).

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Thanks for the spot. The final header of the spell (at 7th level) is correct, but the other two (3rd and 5th) are not. Updated to V1.00f to fix this.

Thanks to you for updating this wonderful mod!

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dispelling screen (level 5) looks not working againt dispell magic (all my protection +dispelling screen are dispelled ). I don't know if it's working correctly againt breach


polymorph other : description is not correct, save penality is the same for 11-15hd/level and +15hd/level creatures



vitriolic sphere : I don't know what happens but after casting this spell, my mage automatically recast the spell without any delay. very strange



waves of fatigue : I find this spell a little bit weak no ? only -1 to luck,-1speed/casting time? greater malison (level4) looks better : give -1 to luck and -2 to saving throws

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Polymorph Other: From what I see, it should be correct. 11-15 looks to receive no save bonus, while 15+ receives a +2 bonus. I'll have to look further to confirm.


Dispelling Screen: Cannot confirm. I cast Non-Detection on myself, then Dispel Magic, and it dispelled Non-Detection. I cast Non-Detection on myself again, then Dispelling Screen, then Dispel Magic, and it only dispelled the Dispelling Screen and not Non-Detection. Seems to work for my game. If that is not the case for you, we may need to dig a little deeper to find out why. Thank goodness, too, since if this was broken, I'd have to reinstall my entire game again since it'd be kind of a big deal.


Vitriolic Sphere: Uh, yeah, rofl, this does seem to currently have...an issue, to say the least. This was literally the last spell I was working on before I released SRR.


Waves of Fatigue: The description says -1 luck, but it's actually a -1 fatigue penalty. Error in text from when I rewrote it to be more clear from SR's version of the text. Yes, the irony is not lost on me. IIRC, I actually buffed this from SR's version - from 5 rounds to an entire turn. Regardless, it seems to be designed as a spell you cast a few times to make an entire group of enemies completely useless without being able to save against it...but yeah, I wasn't actually sure how good it was in practice, and it seems weird to me that a spell should have to be cast a few times to be effective.

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If you ever can reproduce the Dispelling Screen bug, make sure to let me know. Most likely, it'd be something that affects non-Revised SR, too.


As for the fatigue penalty...um, I have to be honest, I'm not a hundred percent sure. From what I recall, the BG wiki says it basically acts like a luck penalty, but that's the BG wiki. IIRC, either kreso or Demi seemed to suggest that its effect was really powerful...but without actually explaining how. I would like an explanation of the fatigue opcode before I buff it any further - I already didn't like buffing it to begin with without fully understanding it, but it just seemed so weak.


(e): Yes, this is what kreso said about Waves of Fatigue:


"Waves of Fatigue buffed - it's now marked as a disable, it does what it's name suggest (increases fatigue level by "a day's worth"), it's effects are stackable, it no longer penalizes movement or THAC0 explicitly. It still has a short duration to compensate. This spell wasn't worth a 5th level slot by any means. Now, it's a valid sorcerer pick, if you don't believe me check out what "fatigue" opcode does in this game. :D"


Problem is, I don't know where to see what the fatigue opcode does. And in the same patch notes, he added a -1 luck penalty to Greater Malison, which seems to suggest to me that the fatigue opcode must be worse than simply a -1 luck penalty. But where I've read, that's what people say it does. :undecided:


@c4_angel: I'll see what I can do.

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Fatigue incrementation penalizes Luck (values are derived from a 2da file iirc). Also it drops THAC0.

In effect, casting a trigger of 3x Waves of Fatigue will make enemies miss every single attack apart critical hits (and even those will be at minimum) and will make them take full damage from any spell that hits them.

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Fatigue incrementation penalizes Luck (values are derived from a 2da file iirc). Also it drops THAC0.

In effect, casting a trigger of 3x Waves of Fatigue will make enemies miss every single attack apart critical hits (and even those will be at minimum) and will make them take full damage from any spell that hits them.

I don't have the file handy to look at. I guess the question is, what exactly does the spell do?


Fatigue can't have a duration (unless it is merely simulated), so what does it mean when you said the spell "has a short duration?"


Also, yeah a really high fatigue stat can give you -19 Luck, which means only critical hits would land... but how can three castings give you +19 fatigue? The spell says it gives you a day's worth of fatigue... 8 hours is +2 fatigue, right? (I think it goes in 4-hour increments.)


So is it something like, the spell progressively increments your fatigue, adding +2 per round over several rounds? (That would be super cool - I like the idea that when the spell lands, you can think "crap, we've got 12 seconds to end this fight before we become completely ineffective.") If the fatigue accrued this way is normal, permanent fatigue that makes this stronger for the AI than for the player, because the AI doesn't have to worry about what happens after the fight. (However, this is not a compliant. In fact I like way this would play out.)


Or maybe: does the spell apply 24 hours of fatigue, i.e. +6, but in a simulated fashion for a short duration... so the negative luck effect is instantly huge, but it only weakens you for a few rounds?

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