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April 14, 2019 Update:

I've released v3.2 of TBL - once again, huge thanks to @AL|EN for this version!

The specifics of this update can be seen in the download center.


7 hours ago, Vlan said:

Oh man, you actually added compatibility for Edwin Romance. Thanks man!

Definitely going to try out this mod now.

Glad to hear it! :)

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23 hours ago, Vlan said:

Btw, I noticed that your script blocks for AR0020 and AR5500 don't have a Continue() line. This might be a problem since the game (area) might not spawn stuff that is behind your blocks at all.

Thank you for the catch. It is most appreciated!

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5 hours ago, Prof Errata said:

Does it mean a new version for TBL will be available soon - v3.3 - ?

Yes, I hope to release this version within the next two weeks. Anything else (including what was mentioned above) found between now and then will be updated accordingly. :)

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August 24, 2019 Update:

I've released v3.4 of TBL. This release fixes a PID with Minyae and adds (but replaces) an alternative portrait.

As always, the specifics of this update can be seen in the download center.

On a side note, I added a zip version for those who prefer it.

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1 hour ago, Arthas said:

is there any particular reason you chose for Minyae not to banter with Foundling in ToB?


All of the crossmod banters were written before Minyae was released for ToB, so I didn't have any content crossmod content for ToB. I believe the only NPC that Minyae has a banter with in ToB is jastey's Ajantis, and that was only because she brought more ideas into the mix that fit and flowed very well.

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On 11/19/2019 at 1:24 PM, Arthas said:

I would like to commend you and @jastey for that.You cooperated with each other to write banters for custom npc(s) of opposite alignment.. how cool is that?

Anyway... back to the topic. Let's just say that I had a dream party of:


That's why I had that question about Foundling. I will consider switching Foundling or w/e. I saw that it is recommended to bring Edwin. Maybe I will bring Ajantis too...

Thanks for the fast reply. 

Feel free to bring whoever you'd like with you in your party - I *think* Ajantis and Minyae only have 1 (maybe 2..?) additional banters in ToB. So, if you were set in bringing Foundling, by all means, please do so. :)

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