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Restored Rhynn Lanthorn Quest

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@DavidW Quoting from the readme:

Increase the price asked by Gaelan Baele (BG2, BG2EE, BGT)

EET not listed, wasn't offered during install. Now this was with v32 (.6, I believe?). I quoted from the readme for the current version.

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Ah, good to know. I can't say I'm completely positive it wasn't offered at install. I may well have skipped it, knowing that I wanted to get Fade fast, and being willing to rely on headcanon to excuse goofing around in Athkatla for months before Brynnlaw.

Next playthrough will likely be sans-Fade (great NPC, just doesn't fit the schema I have planned for next run), so I'll probably use your fee change. Thanks!

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Guest Elistaria

This looks really interesting - would it be possible (especially when integrated in SCS) to make the fights more challenging if a lens is assigned to provide some challenge for Chapter 6?

Could probably be handwaved by the enemies being able to utilize the magic of the lens and having additional guardians assigned by Bodhi. You could get really create with specific encounters here, like the Shade Lord. Give him and the altar some extra level and have the altar use the lens as a focus for more powerful energy drains or summoning stronger shadow creatures.

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Guest Connelly

Sorry, I was getting these messages on weidu when I try to install the mod, freshly downloaded, executed, and extracted:


ERROR: No translation provided for @0
ERROR: problem parsing TP file [DW_LANTHORN/DW_LANTHORN.TP2]: Not_found

FATAL ERROR: Not_found

I opened the tp2 file and found this in the third line: VERSION @0

Comparing it to the tp2 files in other mods, I changed it to ~0~ and then it installed correctly.

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