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New & Improved Cleric Kit Thread


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FINALLY. Alicorn Lance was refusing to work, but it, at last, gave in. It took longer than expected, thanks to Iron Modder and the fact that I had to lay a lot of groundwork in the trueclass changes before I could get to the Silverstar kit. We now have the beginnings of a Cleric Remix mod.


Coded so far:

* Sphere restrictions for trueclass priests are implemented, including spells which heretofore were druid-only

* Priest spell descriptions have been non-destructively altered (ie no STRING_SETs) to reflect mistakes/changes in their spheres

* Protection from Evil 10' Radius and Negative Plane Protection have been moved from fourth level to third level

* Added Alicorn Lance, Curse, Divine Shell, Emotion: Rage, Faerie Fire, Moon Blade, Moon Mace, and Moon Shield

* Added Silverstar of Selune kit


Tweaks still needed:

* Imported spells are using IWD/IWD2 icons

* HLAs are, as yet, untouched


Andyr, the druid spells are:

SPPR105 - Entangle

SPPR204 - Charm Person or Animal

SPPR207 - Good Berries

SPPR302 - Call Lightning

SPPR305 - Hold Animal

SPPR319 - Summon Insects

SPPR410 - Call Woodland Beings

SPPR506 - Iron Skins

SPPR516 - Pixie Dust

SPPR517 - Insect Plague

SPPR605 - Conjure Fire Elemental

SPPR606 - Fire Seeds

SPPR610 - Dolorous Decay

SPPR702 - Conjure Earth Elemental

SPPR717 - Creepng Doom

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Yes and no--because I'm one of those folks that likes to code and then spend ten times as much time testing, it was stressful that I had to submit an undertested (IMO) mod. And no, because it's just for fun. :D

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Did the Iron Modder competition stress you out as much as it did me?

Yuhuh. Shame I didn't get time to test my mod with all the possible NPCs. It did work for the ones I tested it with but I didn't have time to spawn all the others and add them to my party... but oh well, it was fun and I'll probably have another go in May.

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Another update: two kits (Shar and Selune) and complete enough to be considered beta; however we're still ironing out other details.


edit: And I should actually rephrase that, since it makes it sound like I'm doing all the work, which I'm not. NiGHTMARE and Andyr have done the lion's share of this. Grim continues to do nothing, though. :D

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Grim continues to do nothing, though. :D

I plan and scheme I've made this perfectly clear! And I'll almost certainly beta-test. Get me 6 different kits to play and I'll have a really crazy go of ToB... (I'd get whupped!)


You do know I can't make kits right? Well, at least I've never tried...

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