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Achievements for everyone!

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This is a small mod that I created out of a spontaneous idea. Just as the name suggests, this mod makes Steam Achievements available for everyone as regular journal entries in the game without the need to play it through the Steam client. It is not needed to purchase the game from Steam either.

Journal entries will pop up whenever new achievements have been unlocked, along with a message in the log window that informs about the total number of unlocked achievements so far. In addition to the list of official achievements this mod also tracks a couple of unused achievements in SoD that were implemented in the game but apparently not registered in Steam.

Unlocked achievements can also be inspected in the item description of an Achievements Trophy which is available in selected stores across the games. See the readme for more details.

You can choose between two installation options which determine the detail level of the statistics presented by the Achievements Trophy.



Compact Statistics:

Detailed Statistics:

The mod supports all Enhanced Edition games patched to version 2.0 or higher, which includes:

  • BG:EE (with or without SoD)
  • BG2:EE
  • EET
  • IWD:EE (since patch 1.4.0)
  • PST:EE
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Oh, God. No, no, no. It's like my worst nightmare come to pass. I didn't know about the Steam game, or feature, or whatever, but the thought of marking the killing of strong villains or killing lots of enemies at once with a fireball, setting map notes to commemorate that, et cetera, has crossed my mind. And every time I drove it out with a red-hot poker, because the last thing a role-playing game needs is Japanese-style badges for meaningless events. Racking up a score, going for titles (I have thought about that too) is as far removed from storytelling, immersion, imagination and interaction as three times from center to the utmost pole! I'm not saying that this is poor-quality mod, or argent didn't work hard on it, but not all ideas should be carried into practice. Players already don't know what it means to be in character, to take an imaginary world seriously. Younger ones definitely have trouble with that after years, decades now, of being subjected to manipulative time sinks and power-gaming number-crunching that has passed for gameplay in most "RPG" titles of this millennium. Neither has Beamdog tried to innovate or just get better writers on board. As a result, it's almost hopeless to try to inspire people or create a sense of mystery. All that most of them know is out of character, casual, hand-me-the-bubble gum crosses between action and quest. Do this, whack that, earn a badge. And you are adding more of that?

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