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The Truth About Bush...

Grim Squeaker

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/me unzips trousers and goes look at pr0n sites


Umm... now, I'm confused. First Fitz and Grim, and now you... is there something indescribably indecent about kittens that I just don't get? :D

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/me gets out ak47 and guns them all down

I hope you're not referring to kittens, of course. If not...







you know, cam has asserted several times i beta test everything...


however, i must now assert cam hits people with fish a lot...


so if cam will change his title to "fish smacking superhero"


i will change mine to "resplendent beta tester of madness..."



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Well, I was thinking something along the lines of "not to be mean to kittens", but my mind works in mysterious ways...  :D

we've noticed... :D


hey gospel, shall i email you my "waving kitty" gif that i used to use in the attic for an avatar??? (no, its not evil...its actually a cute kitty waving...) then you can email to cam to ask him to upload it to the server...i've noticed you've changed from a kitten avatar to wavy lines... :D


(not my new avatar...that's Hello cthulhu, a mad combination of hello kitty and cthulhu...) :D

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