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Will Boo be written using WeiDU?





Will Boo be available for both PC and Mac users?


As we often do, the PC release will be first, but conversion will be quick, so both PC and Mac users will be able to enjoy the Boo NPC mod.



But I can already summon Boo with that cheat thing. Why download this Mod?


Using the cheat enables you to get Boo alright, but he's still silent. With the Boo NPC mod, your favourite hamster becomes a fully fledged member of the party.



How does Boo become a full member of the party?


This is partially explained in Boo's Bio thread. For the whole story, you'll have to wait and see...



Will Boo have any banters?


Of course. Though when alone, Boo is in great company, he does get lonely from time to time.



Who will he banter with?


Boo is envisaged to banter several times with all vanilla SoA NPCs in his first release. But not dead ones. He's not Hamlet, after all.



Will he be Romancable?

Oh yes. Yes Indeed.


When will he be out?


Depends. Progress is actually moving along at a quick pace. In a few days, we will actually have a big announcement to that effect...Minsc, might have a few words otherwise...

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