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[Mod] The Boareskyr Bridge Scene - Mod for SoD

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The Boareskyr Bridge Scene

This mod is for the SoD part (also for EET).

It gives more impact to the important scene at Boareskyr Bridge in SoD. Like Gorion's letter and the PC's dreams in BG1, the transformation into the slayer in SoA, and the trials in ToB, this scene is an important part of the PC's journey to godhood (or rejection of it). This mod tries to place emphasis on this important scene by giving it more depth as well as deeper inclusion into the story by reactions of NPCs and other game characters.

There will be more warnings before going to the bridge and NPCs will react to what happens on it, and depending on the installed components the actual scene will also be extended with description text and choices for the player how the PC will deal with the erupting divine energy including resulting stat changes.

As usual, my mod uses as many original content as possible.

Thank you to @Acifer and @maus for your good ideas to expand this scene even further than what I originally planned.

(Incompatibility with Lauriel's Themed Tweaks component which is also included in Road to Discovery is fixed for TT v0.2 and RtD v0.5beta!)

The mod consists of 4 components which are optional but build up in each other:

1 Scene at Boareskyr Bridge will be Acknowledged: Add NPC Reactions

This component adds reactions from game characters before entering the Boareskyr Bridge and after the scene on the bridge: comments from Bence Duncan and Corwin make it clear that the PC should not be seen on this route, Jaheira or Khalid explicitly warn the PC not to linger on the bridge to avoid political tension. Immediately after the scene, all the original NPCs and the Flaming Fist soldiers comment before the Hooded Man can talk to the PC about what happened. At the main coalition camp the officers comment on what happened to once again illustrate the impact this scene will have throughout the game.
The actual cutscene on the bridge remains unchanged.

2 Add Description Text to Original Scene at Bridge

This component adds additional description texts to the scene on the bridge, based on the style of the key scenes in BGII (descending to the Tree of Life, transformation into the Slayer).
The actual cutscene on the bridge has been slightly changed to accommodate the flow between cutscenes and description texts but stays true to the happenings ind the original scene.

3 Bridge Scene has Different Choices

This component adds reaction possibilities to how the PC deals with the energy released on the bridge. There are three possibilities:

1. the PC absorbs all the torment to protect the bystanders. In this case, the cutscene proceeds like in the original (with slight changes to accommodate to the interruptions by description texts): the PC briefly loses consciousness, the bystanders are unharmed.
2. The PC diverts the energy away from everyone on the bridge. In this case, those close by will be struck from their feet and receive some damage.

3. the PC channels the energy to the bystanders. In this case, all party members receive damage and most of the Flaming Fist soldiers who are on the bridge will die.

The cutscenes for options 2 and 3 have been altered accordingly.

4 Add Stat Changes to Choices at Bridge


This component adds stat changes to the three choices of component 3:
1. when the PC absorbs the pain, his Wisdom increases by 1 permanently.
2. when the PC directs the energy away, his Dexterity increases by 1 permanently.
3. if the PC directs the energy to the bystanders his constitution increases by 1 permanently.


Test reports and proofreadings very welcome.



Modpage at Kerzenburgforum (German)

German Discussion Thread

Download the Mod

Download at GitHub

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Awesome @jastey

The Boareskyr Bridge part, is imho the weakest part of SoD. When I read the walktrough for the game (had to wait for version 2.4 to play it on iOS) I was very disspointed.

Your changes should have been implemented in the game - it seems more like a bug fix than a mod. I hope you take that as a compliment, for is was surely meant that way.

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Thank you both for the kind words!

Yes, I'm taking it all for compliments.^^ For me, the scene was flawed because of how the Hooded Man is the only one talking to the PC afterwards - I was not sure whether it was supposed to be a divine interference or just a staged coup from the Hooded Man when playing SoD for the first time.

I should mention that the good ideas for this mod weren't mine: @Acifer suggested to add description texts ("Player1 monologues") like it is done in key moments in BGII which resulted in component 2, and @maus had the idea about different reaction possibilities when the divine energy hits the PC which lead to component 3. The execution was mine, though, so if something is not to someone's taste it's my doing.

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Hi Jastey

Will you at some point make a SoD megamod, so we dont forget any of your fine work?

and an idea, while we are at it. You remember the dusty chicken you can lower into a well at Boareskyr Bridge for a nifty xp bonus? You must likely do..


but do you know what happens if you lower Melicamp the chicken? Nothing actully. Wouldn’t it be funny if you could lower something besides a dusty chicken in a well? Or is it just me

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Hello @jastey and @Lauriel,

After some install test with The Boareskyr Bridge Scene, Another fine Hell, Themed Tweaks , Jastey's SoD Tweak Pack et Road to Discovery !

- if Themed Tweaks component "Add stat-based observations and options" is installed,  Road to Discovery component "6 PC Can Tell the Officers", "7 Add Officers Reactions" and "9 Add Additional Communication with Officers" cannot be installed ! (with Road to Discovery component 1, everything work fine)

- if Themed Tweaks is installed before Another fine Hell, Another fine Hell cannot be installed !

- Themed Tweaks component "Allow PC to give aid to Imoen after palace attack" have a parse error !


Installer le composant [SoD - Permettre au PC de porter secours a Imoen apres l'attaque du palais] ?
nstaller, [N]e pas installer ou [Q]uitter ? i

Installation en cours [SoD - Permettre au PC de porter secours a Imoen apres l'attaque du palais] [v0.1]
Copying 1 file ...
Copying and patching 1 file ...
Extending game scripts ...

[themed_tweaks/scripts/sod_aid_imoen.baf] PARSE ERROR at line 18 column 8-48
Near Text: )
        [SpellCastOnMe] argument [INNATE_SLOW_POISON] not found in [Spell.IDS]
Compiling 1 dialogue file

I write here, to complement your previous post...

Thanks both for your work !!!


Edited by JohnBob
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Test only on SoD !

in this order, everything work fine !


// Log of Currently Installed WeiDU Mods
// The top of the file is the 'oldest' mod
// ~TP2_File~ #language_number #component_number // [Subcomponent Name -> ] Component Name [ : Version]
~C#SODBOABRI/C#SODBOABRI.TP2~ #2 #0 // La scene du pont de Boarskyr est mentionnee par les PNJ: v1
~C#SODBOABRI/C#SODBOABRI.TP2~ #2 #1 // Ajouter un texte decrivant la cinematique originale du pont de Boarskyr: v1
~C#SODBOABRI/C#SODBOABRI.TP2~ #2 #2 // Le deroulement des evenements du pont de Boarskyr offre plusieurs choix: v1
~C#SODBOABRI/C#SODBOABRI.TP2~ #2 #3 // Ajouter des changements aux caracteristiques en fonction des choix du PC: v1
~C#ANOTHERFINEHELL/C#ANOTHERFINEHELL.TP2~ #1 #0 // Another Fine Hell ( Un autre genre d'enfer ) - Fin optionnelle pour le Final de SoD et BGII : Alpha_220123
~C#ANOTHERFINEHELL/C#ANOTHERFINEHELL.TP2~ #1 #1 // Get the Hells Out( Mettre l'enfer a la porte ) - Option de quete et contenu etendu pour BGII: Alpha_220123
~C#ANOTHERFINEHELL/C#ANOTHERFINEHELL.TP2~ #1 #2 // Le coffre du PC et d'Imoen dans le Palais devraient garder leur contenu.: Alpha_220123
~THEMED_TWEAKS/THEMED_TWEAKS.TP2~ #1 #60 // SoD - Donner a Imoen une baguette speciale lors de l'attaque du palais: v0.1
~THEMED_TWEAKS/THEMED_TWEAKS.TP2~ #1 #70 // SoD - Permettre au PC de porter secours a Imoen apres l'attaque du palais: v0.1
~THEMED_TWEAKS/THEMED_TWEAKS.TP2~ #1 #90 // SoD - Eviter le tour de la ville avec Corwin Schael: v0.1
~THEMED_TWEAKS/THEMED_TWEAKS.TP2~ #1 #100 // SoD - Quete : Peripeties au Pont de la Voie Cotiere: v0.1
~THEMED_TWEAKS/THEMED_TWEAKS.TP2~ #1 #140 // SoD/BG2EE - Ajoutez un peu de mordant aux dialogues: v0.1
~THEMED_TWEAKS/THEMED_TWEAKS.TP2~ #1 #150 // SoD/BG2EE - Supprimer les scenes coupees auxquelles le PC ne devrait pas avoir acces: v0.1
~THEMED_TWEAKS/THEMED_TWEAKS.TP2~ #1 #160 // SoD/BG2EE - Deplacer les reves sur Irenicus de SoD a BG2EE: v0.1
~C#SODTWEAKS/SETUP-C#SODTWEAKS.TP2~ #3 #3 // Ne manquez pas de dialogues entre NPC-PC -> Toujours activer tous les dialogues entre PNJ-PC: v8.1
~C#SODTWEAKS/SETUP-C#SODTWEAKS.TP2~ #3 #4 // Ignorer le donjon de Korlasz: v8.1
~C#SODTWEAKS/SETUP-C#SODTWEAKS.TP2~ #3 #5 // Plus de choix de dialogue et eviter les situations sans issue: v8.1
~C#SODTWEAKS/SETUP-C#SODTWEAKS.TP2~ #3 #7 // Restaurer le script de la scene de combat lors de l'enlevement.: v8.1
~C#SODTWEAKS/SETUP-C#SODTWEAKS.TP2~ #3 #20 // Fermer le portail depuis le Chateau Paldragon (Aun Argent survit toujours).: v8.1
~C#SODTWEAKS/SETUP-C#SODTWEAKS.TP2~ #3 #21 // Hephernaan prend la cle de la crypte du Chateau Paldragon.: v8.1
~SODRTD/SODRTD.TP2~ #2 #80 // SoD - Observations basees sur des statistiques et options de quete tirees du mod Themed Tweaks de Lauriel: 0.4 (Beta)
~SODRTD/SODRTD.TP2~ #2 #0 // Composant principal : Systeme de Pistage: 0.4 (Beta)
~SODRTD/SODRTD.TP2~ #2 #10 // Changements dans les dialogues du jeu pour plus de coherence.: 0.4 (Beta)
~SODRTD/SODRTD.TP2~ #2 #20 // Les officiers sont plus attentifs: 0.4 (Beta)
~SODRTD/SODRTD.TP2~ #2 #30 // Donnez au PC des options de reponse avisee: 0.4 (Beta)
~SODRTD/SODRTD.TP2~ #2 #40 // Le PC peut informer les officiers: 0.4 (Beta)
~SODRTD/SODRTD.TP2~ #2 #50 // Ajouter des interactions aux officiers: 0.4 (Beta)
~SODRTD/SODRTD.TP2~ #2 #60 // Points d'information supplementaires: 0.4 (Beta)
~SODRTD/SODRTD.TP2~ #2 #70 // Ajouter de nouvelles discussions avec les officiers: 0.4 (Beta)


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