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How to install EET and mod questions? [split from EET Worldmap / Areas reference]

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9 hours ago, Jarno Mikkola said:

EET. That's the only mod you "need", you can add a few more, but you only need the one. And technically the DLCMerger to the BG1EE, to get it modifi-able, and ready to import the data the EET takes. ... and at the end of the whole installations, but before the SCS if you install that, you need to install the EET_End that is made when the EET is installed.

I had a break in modding Baldurs Gate, I used to do it according to the installation order from baldur.cob-bg.pl (just threw the contents of folders with mods one by one and installed one by one), but reading readme.txt, from what I can see I need EE/EET Mod Install Tool for installation? How to get started with the installation?
By the way, I wanted to ask if Mysteries of the Sword Coast from twm-bg.weebly.com (I remember it from the first version from long time ago) will be compatible with EET?

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23 minutes ago, battlegrim said:

EE/EET Mod Install Tool

NO. There are no such a tool, and the BWS one is not an official tool*. The only thing you need is like said, is the EET. You go download the Source code archive, extract the-

EET -folder, EET_End -folder, EET_UI -folder and setup-EET.exe files from it  into the game folder and you run the setup file, that is it.


*it's unsupported by anyone else except one internet character, that wanted to make their own NPC mod the primary thing in the whole game.

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20 minutes ago, battlegrim said:

By the way, I wanted to ask if Mysteries of the Sword Coast from twm-bg.weebly.com (I remember it from the first version from long time ago) will be compatible with EET?

I don' think it's compatible with EET. There is a BGEE version, though, but I'm not sure if its compatible with 2.6 patch. This mod has not received any updates for quite a while. 

Here is the link to BGEE version: http://athkatla.cob-bg.pl/viewtopic.php?t=7667

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Should mods that add their own map icons also have their information included in the first post of this thread or a new similar thread?

To my present understanding, as of this writing, Heroes, Thieves, and Moneylenders (HTaM) is amidst adding a world map icon for the Water Gardens district in Athkatla.  Some of Lava del Vortel's mods add world map icons.  (Tangled Oak Isle is EET compatible and Worldmap compatible, as are Shades of the Sword Coast and likely others that I haven't checked recently.)

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Welcome again.

Thank you all for your help right away, I found out/learned a lot thanks to your comments.

Do any of you have any tips on mods:

1)  TeamBG Weapon Pack for BG1

2)  TeamBG Armor Pack for BG1

3)  EE Content Tweaks: The Mod itself

These three mods are no longer available on the pages referenced in EE Mod Setup, I can't download them because the links don't work. Anyone have these mods on the disk? Is there any way to download them?

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