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Haer'Dalis  :D

ok, where is JPS???


gotta get haer... :D:D

Nope, I got "type 2 error, please restart your computer".


Then I tried again, using IE instead of Netscape. Then I got Haer'Dalis. And the colour scheme of my computer automatically changed so I got blue scroll bars too. That's scary.

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What an odd lot I've got....


1 Edwin Oddeseiron (Saw that coming)


2 Imoen (right after Edwin?)


3 Jonoleth Irenicus (surprised he wasn't first, actually)


4 Cernd ( :D )


5 Jan Jansen (OK, I'm as crazed as the next mage, but not if the next mage is Jan)


Last: Aerie (Guess that "I'm the reason magic is distrusted" thing put her right out of the running)

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