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Del + Woman


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Yeah, if the PC is female, Del will still appear, just she would be a regular NPC then...


Be aware that by that point, though, Durlyle won't be that far behind.  At least the Banters and Interjections, 90% will be applicable to either person.  (I don't intend to create a whole new set of material for Durlyle at the moment and have each as a joinable NPC at the same time...)

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What did you think?  It was Del with Korgan in a red gingham dress and a blonde wig? ;-)

Korgan appears, dressed in a little red and white checked gingham dress, wearing tiny black leather army boots, and a cute little red and white gingham bonnet with blonde pigtails peeking out from them.


Korgan: Mr. Flibble!


A cute penguin shaped sock puppet appears in his right hand. It has a big yellow beak, black and white body, and little red colored glass buttons for eyes.


Mr. Flibble: What shall we do with nasty, stinky smeg heads? I know! I shall use my magic carpet to go to the King of the Potato People. He will know what to do with nasty stinky smeg heads! Wait, Korgan, you say the king already knows about these stinky smeg heads? What does the king say I should do to them?


Mr. Flibble talks in this cute, squeeky high pitched voice, and his expression is most annoyed. (or as annoyed as it is possible for a hand with a sock on it to express emotions.)


Korgan bends and quickly whispers to Mr. Flibble.


Mr. Flibble: OH NO, Korgan, we can't do that, who will clean up the mess?


Shandalar: What madness is this? A most interesting tactic, to try to make us laugh to death. I commend your imagination, fleshlings. Your brains will be a most succulent and delectable repast indeed.


Mr. Flibble: Time for Mr. Flibble to fry these stinky, annoying smeg-heads with his hex-vision!!!

Twinkle, Twinkle, little eye,

now its time for you to die!



Mr. Flibble's eyes glow red, and a blindingly bright red beam of light comes out of Mr. Flibble's eyes. The rays hit Shandalar, and it instantly explodes into dust. More beams blast Shryessa.


Mr. Flibble: All annoying and stinky smeg-heads gone! Wait, someone is playing hide and seek! I see you!!!


One last eye-beam hits the still invisible Layene, and she falls to the floor, her staff rolling from her hand, half her body a smoking charred cinder.

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tactics mod, or no tactics mod???


the first piece of cheese i've ever posted was a simple way to beat them all, without tactics mod...


use project image, which won't trigger dialog to trap each spawn point...


easy xp... :D  :D  :D

I've never used the tactics Mod. I didn't know that projected images could lay traps. Interesting.......



I did use summoned monsters to cause certain individuals to cut loose their spells on skeletons like the twits they are. But beholders can be nasty. :D

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What did you think?  It was Del with Korgan in a red gingham dress and a blonde wig? ;-)

lol nah, my imagination just got away from me for a minute. Sometimes I've a sick mind.



urm...sorry, i have a much sicker mind...did you just read korgan as rimmer in the previous page??? :D:D:D

Look at the thread title "Del + Woman". 'Tis pretty much self explanatory. Bah, I've lost interest in this thread, I have a whole new slew of games that I must get reacquainted with (like Thief I, I got a replacement graphics card that overrides that crappy Intel 82810). Heck, I've lost alot of interest in BGII ever since the card replacement and getting dosbox.



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