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Baldur's Gate II Mods in Progress


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Finally, months after I mentioned the idea for this, I've decided to go ahead and do it myself. If anyone has any objections/comments, please mention them.


I hope people find this list useful.


Baldur's Gate II Mods in Progress


Spellhold Studios


Brythe by Shfelliot/SConrad

Chrysta by Sir Kalthorine

Classic Adventures by Sir Billybob

Horace by Seifer

Imoen Relationship by Quitch

Kivan BGII Romance by NiGHTMARE

Khadion by SConrad

Mazzy Romance by Snowking

NPC Damage Mod by Immortality and SimDing0

Return to Windspear by Quitch

Silver Star by Seifer and T.G.Maestro

Valen Expansion by Thorium Dragon

The Mod for the Wicked by Deathsangel

Mazzy the Paladin by the bigg

Stivan the Hunter by the bigg


Pocket Plane Group


Cailean by Kismet, St. Josephine, and Operadragon

de'Arnise Romance by jcompton

Surayah by Bons




Azure NPC Romance by balduran

Callum NPC by Rabain

Tamoko NPC by Rabain

Reign of the Masque by egm

Lost Crossroads by Galactygon

World Transition Project by dragon lord and Sir-Kill


Chosen of Mystra


Beyond the Law by Zyraen

The Harper Brothers by Arconian

Ginafae Romance Mod by Dweomerkeepers

Ninafer NPC Mod by Dweomerkeepers

The Undying by Dweomerkeepers

Valasse Romance Project by Zyraen and Fraylor

Yeslick NPC Mod by Dweomerkeepers

Zaeriina Evenstar Mod by Harlequin

Cassandra Mod by Mabnuln

Adenydd NPC Mod by Dellaster

Mary Sue NPC Mod by K. Lou of Combs

Mourn NPC by Arconian

Madano Nirdagar by Fantasy

Parn Celoair - Yet another NPC mod by AstraKiseki

The Return by Fraylor

Sasha-Layse Romance by Arconian and Raziel

The Luxley Family by Miss Sakaki and Feuille

Aliz NPC Mod by H. Hiis

Vincent NPC Mod by Tigerspyke

Auren NPC Mod by theacefes

NPC Interaction Expansion Pack for BG2 by theacefes, IEPteam

Arin NPC Mod by tree_frog


The Gibberlings Three

Aklon by BigRob

Amber by Meira and Darios

Delainy and Durlyle by Bri and CamDawg

Elai by Andyr

Haer'Dalis Romance by Barren Fischa, icelus, and JPS

Lands of Intrigue by Corradun, NiGHTMARE and Andyr

NPC Strongholds by Kish

The Third Way by Orions_Stardom and andrewas

The Tiefling Sisters: Kelly & Inara by Grim Squeaker, BevH, and Dancer Fitz

Kivan of Shilmista by Domi and Hendryk


RPG Dungeon

Sarevok Relationship by Sovran and Winterine

Heart of Vengeance by ?

RPG Dungeon Kit Pack by Seifer and Wounded Lion

Improved Watcher's Keep by Rastor

Evil Leader Interaction Pack by ?



The Clifton Mod by Dashael


Mods without boards

Black Lotus Mod by Wanderer




*If I've neglected to mention any mod, as well as any person who works on any of these mods, please don't hesitate to mention them here. :) And since I made this list from sites that I thought of off the top of my head, please mention other forums that you feel should be on. Also, if you have a mod that doesn't have a forum just please feel free to tell me. Thanks.

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In my very personal opinion, the scope of After the End (if you are talking about the old Studios' AtE) prevented it from being a realistic project. But, officially, it had been shelved and then cancelled after the author had had the hard-drive failure some two years ago.

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(Shrug) The computers tend to break down as they age, and in the old days people who were not too computer-friendly rarely imaged their drives and did systematic back-ups. I think that most, if not everyone who mods does it nowadays. But, there was less than 1% possibility that a big project like AFter the End could be done, moreover by one person. Check out Sir Billy Bob's Classical Adventures at Studios - it is an interesting mini-TC that is set in FR, I think, in Sembia. That would be a more realistic project format for a "new game" type of the project.

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Hard drive failure?


Speaking from personal experience, when I was helping with the BG1 NPC Project, I had a copy of my files on

- my laptop;

- my office computer;

- my Mail.ru account;

- my Yandex.ru account;

- my flash drive;

- now on RapidShare, as well;


And updated it twice or thrice a week. Took me 10 minutes.


So, while hard drive failire sucks, I do not believe that for the project, it

should be the end of the world.



(Reminds me: lately one of Moscow banks has been searched by state investigators. As usual, furniture got broken, expensive little things went missing, but most importantly, the server with the database was taken. The bank's management now looks like a bunch of helpless babies, since all backups were stored _on the same server_.)

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Right. But before we had a few of those, less sofisticated of us did not know the value of the back up, and SilverRose was among those people. :D Plus, as I say, sad and overly critical as it sounds, the project was doomed regardless.

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I keep a very old HD at hand should I ever embark on that journey. Then I can just keep my fingers crossed that it might not happen to everything I have accomplished (and haven't told anybody else about) so far.


Wish me luck.

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