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As you have probably noticed, not much has happened around here lately. The reason is that I don't have the time or energy to write at the moment – I've got most of the romance figured out, but I don't think I could write it the way it should be written.


So, rather than writing anyway and doing a bad job, I have, with the help of the rest of the team, decided to take a break. No work will be done on this mod for a while, and I will probably be away from the forums as well for some time.


But we are not giving up. I can't give an exact date for when I will start to work on the mod again, but if you expect something to happen at the beginning of June, you probably won't be far off.


I don't know exactly what will happen to the forum – technically, we're inactive and should be moved to the "inactive projects" section, but then we will have to be moved back when we start again, so it's up to CamDawg and how much work he wants to do... And I assume that it will still be possible to post in the forum no matter where it ends up, so if someone has something to add, don't be put off by small things like a three-month break :D


Well, that's all for this time. Thank you for your interest, and see you later.



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You don't really think I'd use such a cheap trick, do you? Of course I meant June this year.


(but note that that's when I'll begin working again. When I'll finish it is a completely different matter)

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Guest Guest

I really like the idea of this mod, since Haer'Dalis was originally meant to be romancible anyway, I hope you get it finished :rant:

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Looking at the calender... June was it, JPS?

Damn. I'm more than two hours late.


But yeah, were's sort of back in business. There are some threads that need to be edited (the short description isn't totally up to date, for example), but I think we can put the sign back up.

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