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Kit Anomen


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I thought of this a few days ago and suggested it as part of the Cleric Remix mod, but today I decided that I doesn't really fit Remix's remit. I figured I'd package it up on its own and put it out there. I've released it as a beta because it has not been that thoroughly tested. Also, I haven't checked out compatibilty with other mods. However, it is so small I honestly don't expect there to be any problems (unless another mod gives Anomen a kit).


The readme:

Kit Anomen

A Gibberlings Three Mod

Version 0.3.0 (BETA)

Author: Idobek (idobek@yahoo.co.uk)


The idea is simple. Anomen will gain the cleric of Helm kit on passing his knighthood test or, alternatively, gain the berserker kit on failing his knighthood test.


If you have summoned Anomen from the Fate Spirit, and he is of either the knight or chaotic neutral persuasions, then he will be given the appropriate kit.


Anomen will now gain the kits if his trial had occured before the mod was installed.


Note 1: If you had a previous version of this mod installed, and Anomen had already gained a berserker kit at the trial, then you will find the he now has double the amount of Enrages he is entitled to. This is an unavoidable consequence of the code update, sorry.


Note 2: Anomen will retain any ranged weapon profiency points (above the one allowed) when he gains his berserker kit. He will not be able to gain any more points (again, above the one allowed) once he is a berserker/cleric.


If you disagree with Anomen gaining one of these kits then don't worry, they can be installed separately. If you disagree with both then don't install this mod at all.


Standard WeiDU installation procedures apply. Unzip to the game folder and then run Setup-KitAnomen.exe.


Version History

  0.1.0 First beta release.

  0.1.1 Fixed bug where the kits had been switched.

  0.2.0 Added title change to reflect kits.

        Added ToB kit gaining.

  0.3.0 General code update.

        Removed the need to add the kits manually in ToB.

You can download it here: Idobek's Infinity Engine Mods


Comments are welcome and encouraged. I really want people to try this so I can get it out of beta.


I have decided to expand on the Kit Anomen idea and give kits to some other NPCs who are lacking in that area. You can read about it "here". Eventually Kit Anomen will be absorbed into this larger mod.

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Cool. Now if only someone made a mod that allowed me to stuff Anomen into the Bag of Holding when I'm not using him...  :D

I'm sure it could easily be written. Add a forcetalk option where afterwards the imprison animation takes place and Anomen's body (possibly gagged) appears in your bad of holding. You could then release him like a familiar.


If I wasn't really lazy I'd probably make it.

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Ooops I would perhaps accidently loose him in a cutscene using the force drop thingy. :D Next time a beggar asks me for a spare 'bound and gagged CN berserker/ cleric familiar' I can rightfully say no, sorry mate. :D

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I decided a little update was in order. Anomen's kit will now show in the title bar and not just in the records screen. You can now get the kits if you have summoned Anomen from the Fate Spirit in ToB.

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