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Corthala Romantique?

Guest coyo

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Guest coyo

I have heard of this mod, Corthala Romantique, several times - and trust me, I want it! But the only pages that shows up on google doesn't exist anymore... does anyone there know of a page where I can get it? I'd be ever so grateful.




ps. oh, boy, 2 reinstalls and BG2 is still not working.... I hate my life atm...

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Guest Erenya

I don't know if this site is still in any way active, as much of the modding community I used to download from has fallen by the wayside or relocated.


But what is the status of this Mod? I always liked Valygar, but found the tortured souls romance a little naff to be honest.


Any updates would be appreciated

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I just wanted to apologise for it taking so long to finish... :) I could give a number of excuses from being lazy to unexpectedly having to spend most of the spring out of town, but I probably should just skip that and move directly to assuring that the mod is still being worked on. Hopefully it will be worth the wait.

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Heheh, I used this line, too.


- "I worry about you, and I watch you at nights, when I can. Last night, you were smiling."

- "Yes, it shows that you *are* a stalker."


And, yes, I do want to romance the guy. :) Better my PC than that Leonora woman I saw in the early version. (I hope there will be an option to strangle her, or something. "What? No, Valygar, I am just hugging her! Hugging... the life... out of her!")


Best of luck, Meira!

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