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Hello, I've been reading these forums since I DL'd Auren, but never ran into a problem until now. I guess I get a little worried about these mods, because I never know what to expect. I am the type of person that uses that silly guide everytime I play thru so I don't miss anything.


I've finished up SoA, and started in ToB. I just finished up in Saradush and Nalia and Auren haven't said a word to each other yet. I don't want to get halfway through before I realize that there is some global variable missing that is preventing them from speaking.

SPOILER WARNING (I'll make it a different color; highlight to read)

As I recall, the last conversation they had was in SoA; it was when Auren was learning how to write. They also had the conversation about Auren's past and Dradek. What's supposed to happen next? I also remember reading about a quest? When will that start?


Thanks, and also I'm really enjoying the mod.

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I am not here to answer the question, as I don't know, but to compliment you on finding a great way of keeping spoiler text from simply showing up for all to see. I am going to steal your idea and use it for troubleshooting help!

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Don't you hate it when no one answers your question?


I can't answer it, either, but I can give you a couple places to look. Go to the link for the Auren Aseph mod and check the readme. In particular, look to see if there is supposed to be any ToB content. If it isn't mentioned, or if the readme says something like "NPC for SoA," there might not be any ToB content.


Sometimes, mod authors chose to release SoA content before the ToB part, since usually, everyone is already very eager for it by the time it is released.


Hope this helped, even if all it did was give you somewhere to look.

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I realize the first question states that there is no ToB content, but then the 8th question says:

"While there are no quests in the SoA version, there will be one in ToB if you have Nalia in the party and she and Auren are romancing."


This can interpreted as, "there will be a quest at a future date in a future mod that is not yet released," or "there will be a quest once you begin ToB," which is how I understood it (which is probably incorrect).


So the FAQ is a bit unclear.


(Just as a suggestion, perhaps the language can be changed to: We are working on a quest for Auren that will be released with the new version of the mod, but you will need Nalia in your party.. etc etc. If indeed this is the case.)


Finally, assuming there is no ToB content, does that mean that their banters cease when you begin ToB?

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Hi, this is theacefes.


You are correct, there is no ToB content yet, but there will be a quest in the ToB part when it is complete. Also, how long did it take you to get through SoA? A few days? You have not finished the SoA romance part yet based on what you showed us.


And yes, with any mod, if there isn't anything written for the ToB portion, then the characters will not banter.

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Thank you Theacefes,


I picked up Auren and Nalia early in SoA and they had a few banters, but I didn't realize they were going to romance until I had kicked Nalia out and I was mostly through with the game. I picked them up again for the last few quests I did, then moved onto ToB thinking that their banters would carry over. Ahh, well. No big deal :) I'll pick em up again the next time I run through, and maybe by then the ToB content will be released!


I appreciate the response, thanks.

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