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Haer'Dalis or Not?


Chimeras and Haer'Dalis  

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I am thinking that my plotting tiefling character for Chimeras (if I ever get there) could be Haer, since he is roguish and intelligent.


IWD2 takes place in 1312, 55-56 years before Baldur's Gate 1-2. It's too early for Saemon Havarian (and he is no tiefling). So theoretically it is possible to use young Haer'Dalis in IWD2.


What it will do it will provide a weak connection to BG saga. Understandably, it's a double-edged blade, pardon the pun.


So, to Haer or not to Haer?

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I think it would depend upon his level of involvement in the story.


If he played a relatively minor part, appearing very briefly then yes.


Anything signficant, then no, as unless its incredibly well written, (which I'm not saying it won't be) there is a danger that it could end up like Drizzt's involvement in the BG storyline, an exercise in pointlessness for fan-boys/girls.

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Yes, if he is involved he'll be major character, comparable to Aran Linvail in BG2 and a counterweight to Shernical. I don't really want BG2 style cameos, and a different tiefling to play the part is pretty good too, seeing how there is a perfect justification for him to be among Chimeras.


I find it interesting that the votes are pretty much 50-50, I am sure it's because of the same thing that I feel: 'interesting BG2 connection' vs 'desperate exploit of BG2 connection'.


As for Kivan, heh, I do have a male with tragic past among the NPCs, but he's not Kivan, elf or ranger.

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I'm fairly neutral on the idea, I could see it being very bad, or very good... In Haer'Dalis' BG2 background/banters, I do seem to recall mention that he hasn't been to Faerun before, though that could be taken to mean this part of Faerun, I suppose. Icewind Dale is so different from Amn, he might not be entirely aware of the connection, Planewalker as he is. That might be a stretch though.



If my memory's playing tricks (and it does that a lot ;) ) and that isn't mentioned in his background, then it's a lot more doable.

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Good point. Would be cool if someone can reference if they remember - I will definetly drop it if Haer is saying that he never visited Faerun, because I don't want to stretch it to 'He's lieing because in the end it did not work out'/'it was a different part of Faerun'. Again, I don't intend it to be an Ah! A Haer'Dalis expansion! Just a guy who fits the bill of what I've planned.


Oh, by the way, I have the first cut on the additional story-lines; I'll be posting it in the protected workroom once I arrange it in a sensible way. If someone who don't have an access is interested in reading them and providing feedback, it will be very welcome as well. Basically, I added what I felt IWD2 was missing the most - intrigue, backstage dealings, and choices that will lead to completely different outcomes in the end.


And, amazingly, I don't think, I need any new areas - I will just have to repopulate a couple-three of the old ones depending on the happenings. Which is very good, because I did not want to add non-matching area graphics.

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His bio indicates that his acting troupe fled to the prime material; another one of his dialogues indicates they've been in the prime material for three seasons. I couldn't find anything about how many times he's visited, though it was a very cursory check. It doesn't rule out a previous visit but I get the impression that this is his first.


I think Raven_Song has summed up my viewpoint nicely--I'd much rather see a new character here than HD.

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I like the idea of having Haer'Dalis in the party... however theres always the risk of feeling a bit of an empty space from all the other characters from Baldur's Gate....


Okay, i just had an idea, criticise it if you will but here goes.


"Haera" meaning Center and "Dala" meaning Battle in elven makes Haer'Dalis name translate "Center of Battle" (if im right...) My idea was adding some background story of him changing his name (thus having a different name in IWD2 from BG2) and later on (indirectly) revealing the reason of his new name change. Perhaps something to do with him giving up the normal life after the "failing protection" due to the death of a beloved (or something like that) chasing his ego for seeking fame.

Having failed his former life he chooses a new name and becomes a plane walker (where his tiefling relatives normally dwell) trying to find his new life (and eventually his name Haer'Dalis).


This means that someone playing IWD2 without knowing of him from BG2 wouldnt know that hes the same person. This can be even more spicy by having an alternate portrait for him, and not the same as from BG2.


Just a thought. My idea. What do you think? :D


Im still lacking suggestions of what his real name should be... but maybe ill come back with that later on.

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No, no, I was not talking about adding any BG2 characters as joinable NPCs. New game=new companions. I was thinking that H'D can play a role as a non-joinable character, a quest-giver for a tentatively may-be-I-will-consider-it project that will add 2 alternative ways to play the game (Chimeras). I can't start adding BG2 NPCs into IWD2 - they belong with Bhaalspawn, not with the son or daughter of Rinaldo the Fierce of Luskan. :D

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I am definitely and surely against it, and it would spoil all of the fun I could have with this mod, since it's as 'not-in-character' for him, as it could possibly be.


But that's only my POV. You'll do what you wish. And I just won't play the mod if you'll chose 'yes' in the end. It'd be a pitty, however, since it seems to be promising a delicious piece of modding indeed...

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