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Humor and Romance


Type of Humor in a CRPG Romance.  

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Well, we all know that most humorous responces in BioWARE romances lead to romance termination. Thankfully, in mods, we don't have to follow these sad trend. Our PCs can crack a joke or two at the NPCs expense and *not* to be kicked out of his or her bedroll. So, how do you like your humor in a romance? If at all.

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Voted for "verbal sparring/ smart ass". I like the use of irony and sarcasm and I think it coul dgo very well in a romance. (I could perfectly see Salomeya breaking every romantic attempt with sarcasm... if she is one of the romance *tries the poppy eyes*)

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I like my humor to be a combination of more than one category, and above all, I want it to be give and take.


I prefer a blend of subtle humor with some outright silliness when the situation demands it. If my beau can't take a joke, I need to rethink the relationship.


The direction the humor is pointing can and should vary. I'd like to poke a little gentle fun at my man sometimes, but I expect he's going to want to do the same to me. This can escalate into downright goofiness, as long as it isn't hurtful.


For the big jokes, I'd prefer that they be pointed at the speaker, preferably with an opportunity to contradict the speaker and say "That's funny, but it isn't really true."


It's also useful to prevent an endless spiral of heavy lovetalks from weighing the relationship down.


So I voted "other," because there wasn't a choice for "all of the above."

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I voted "Other" as an "All of the above" myself. I think the kind of humour used by an NPC should fit their character, but the PC should certainly have a nice wide selection in the kind of thing they can do.


I realise this could mean a fair bit of work, but if you find a spot where a certain kind of joke would work, I'd say whatever kind of humour it is, insert it. Doesn't mean the PC has to make that kind of joke.


It's hard to come up with one favourite kind of humour, but if you're going to look for spots to put in jokes, I'd go with Silly/Situational stuff.


I think you've bitten off a lot to chew on this one Domi. :)

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I wish we could've chosen more than one answer. I like smartass, black, self-ironic humor, because I use it myself so much. However, humor in general is a wonderful thing, and I think if integrated properly, it could make the romance entire shine.

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I voted, Other, because I like all the possibilities (I know that doesn't help much :))

A big, Yes, to humour though. I love the idea of being able to joke with them and not end up breaking anything. (That was something I really enjoyed in the character interactions in Kotor 1)

The only thing that could probably hurt the relationship though, is humour that is deliberatly cruel. (I suppose if that happens once, the PC or NPC could be given the chance to apologize, maybe. :hm: )

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It will actually depend on an NPC. I think that at least one of the romances will have to be interrupted via player-initiated dialogue, because I simply can't see another way.


The rest will be "indexed", and I *think* I will make a note appear that will indicate in non-4th wall-breaking terms that you are straining the relationship, *then* enable the appologetic option in the flirt set, which will reduce the index. And it will be up to the player if they will want in addition to pick more honey-tongued options to heal the wounds :)


Romance conflicts will be another huge source of more cutting humor, because well, there will have to be some insane amount of the conflict, since it will have to take into account not just complete romances, but pretty much all NPCs if PC chose flirting options AND relationship between NPCs themselves. Oh, my, what am I getting myself into!

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