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Tutu Walking Speeds


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I have some research posts at PPG, including a heavy-duty test run, in which all sorts of strange wrap-around behavior occurred (spells cast on characters with WS component installed did not function correctly, and a whole bunch of Polymorph errors occurred). I will try to do a reference search and post links here.




full test in-game.

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If you can fix it, that'd be great. Believe it or not, this is the biggest issue some people have with moving from BG1 to Tutu. I've never used it (I don't like the slow speeds) but I'm going off cmorgan's report of "strange behaviors on slow, haste, etc."


Otherwise, you might as well grab the remaining Tweakish components in Tutufix that aren't incorporated in EasyTutu:

> BG2 Ammo Stacks (maybe this is standard now?)

> Balanced Totemic Druid Spirit Summons

> BG1 Summoning Spells

> Hooded Unarmored Avatars & Bards

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With any luck, the TutuFix side of things will be relegated to either BG1 Fixpack or (safer and more likely to be targeted) just enough stuff to become an EasyTutuIzer update for folks forced to use Tutu v4 for foreign language installs (I have several folks telling me that Tutu v4 is abandoned by english-language users for obvious reasons [EasyTutu ;)], but that for foreign language users, BGT is becoming the standard choice as it has better language support and still does the bugfixing thing. I am fine with this, and support users using both platforms, but it seems important to allow folks the choice...)

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Bumping an old thread here....


I am using the "Use BG Walking Speeds (BETA)" component in an EasyTutu game because I do not like the way players can move faster than a lot of monsters without it.


The read me states there are problems with haste/slow/polymorph and this topic provides a bit more insight:




I cannot seem to find any recent information regarding these problems, does anyone know of any?

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I am afraid I have not tested or used the component since that last test, on any platform (Tutu v4, EasyTutu, BG2, BGT).


but I would love it if folks would test, and we were able to get the code mavens involved again :blush:

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Guest Roboghost

One way to avoid this Tutu irritation is to simply go into the BGConfig for Tutu and:

Gameplay --> Miscellaneous --> AI Options --> Frame Rate --> 27 Updates per Second [hard part is getting it to stick - I think I lucked out finally.] :)


This seems to do the trick for me...I'm using a Intel quad core / dual ATI blazing / MS Vista 64 / blazing fast computer, so it's always tricky getting ancient software to hum on it! Oh...NEVER install to the Programs directory using Vista for old software.

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I am afraid I have not tested or used the component since that last test, on any platform (Tutu v4, EasyTutu, BG2, BGT).


but I would love it if folks would test, and we were able to get the code mavens involved again :rolleyes:


OK my tests so far seem ok. Casting haste speeds up party members and has no effect on monsters. Similarly casting slow slows down monsters but has no effect on party members. I believe this is intentional.

I have not been able to test the effect of casting haste on slowed party members or slow on hasted monsters yet, I will have to wait for the opportunity to arise.


All skeletons move far too fast as if they have not had their walking speed adjusted at all.

Wolves move faster than party members, I am not sure if that replicates the vanilla walking speeds but I prefer it anyway.

A Fairy Dragon familiar moves fast like skeletons, I think this is a bug because the familiar should move at the same speed as the party.

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Just a minor update on my findings:


1. Bug - Drinking a potion of freedom removes the effect of slower walking speeds, characters move at normal BG2 speed :-( It does provide proper immunity to hold effects successfully though.

2. Slow cast my an enemy mage successfully slowed my PC making me move and attack at half normal rate :-)

3. The Spiders Bane sword seems to work properly and does not effect slower walking speeds at all :-)

4. Bug - Whilst wolves move faster than party members, worgs do not.

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Final update after finishing my Tutu run through:


When a haste spell expires, walking speeds become very slow indeed, about one half of normal. I believe this is a bug, I do not remember this happening with unadjusted walking speeds.

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I have walking speed trouble too, and this is where it seems to fit in.


The problem is that characters move slower or faster depending on when I added them. Two characters (Branwen and Kivan) walk significantly slower than all the others. (This is not too too bad, but it can get annoying.)


I have tried re-installing the walking speed fix that comes with the Tutu fixpack. I have tried re-installing the "use BG1 walking speeds" option in the BG2 Tweak Pack. I have tried removing one, and I have tried removing both. Nothing seems to work.


If this is a known issue, I apologize: I have searched the forum for a bit, but I haven't found this particular problem discussed.


Anyways, does anyone know how to fix this? Any help appreciated.

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Not sure what is causing your problem, I have never come across NPCs with different walking speeds...sounds like an install order problem to me.


You can remove the effect that reduces walking speeds using ShadowKeeper or Near Infinity. The effect has a -3 parameter....that is the one you need to remove, just click on the Effects tab in SK for the relevant characters and remove it. I found I had to do this when I imported my character into BG2 because it is not removed if you import via a character file.


If you want to give every character slow walking speed, you should be able to add the effect in somehow but I have never tried to do it.


I hope this helps.

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