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  1. Yes, and in BGEE, Imoen has no such effect added. So, what's the question? You originally asked: "So, they hardcoded the reputation responses and then added an opcode as a workaround?" And my answer was: 1. I'm pretty sure the breaking point is hardcoded in all vanilla games. 2. in some cases (like Imoen in BG2EE) this hardcoded breaking point is overridden by the new effect. The default breaking point is based on alignment. In the EE nothing forbids you to implement your own scripted breaking point. You simply disable the hardcoded breaking point by this effect, and write your script as you wish. This is something you couldn't do in vanilla. I have one question though, what exactly breaks your mod? What is different from vanilla?
  2. I don't think Beamdog hardcoded anything over vanilla. The code they started from was the vanilla BG2/ToB source. If the breaking point code is hardcoded, then it was also in ToB.
  3. Just a sidenote: those blending mode bits are in the vvc/pro (or hardcoded for internally used animations), not in the bam itself.
  4. Nope. Some joinables just don't have a breaking point. Imoen loves you regardless of reputation.
  5. It is actually 'ignore reputation breaking point'. And doesn't have any parameter as of now.
  6. Maybe in the new patch. You don't have strref 99389, i guess?
  7. You need a dltcep with a language combobox, click on the 'use language' checkbox too. This adds the --use-lang option If it finds the tlk in lang/en_us (or whatever language you selected), then missing texts are more likely a mod installing problem.
  8. Yes, the * entries in EE are hardcoded. GemRB has about the same of them 'semi hardcoded' with that numeric encoding.
  9. You might be surprised at how easy that would be (unless I'm missing something). The BG2EE and IWDEE engines are much closer together than any two engines of vanilla IE games. It would be incredibly easy. But i would rather wait for the bg[2]ee patches of future
  10. Here is the opcode conversion table: IWD Converter IWDEE 232 -> 400 -> 61 - "colour: Fade from Colour RGB" (Color Glow Dissipate) 206 -> ->318 - "Protection: Immunity Spell" (IWD like spell immunities, see external table splprot.2da) 290 -> ->324 - "Protection: from Spell (Message)" (Same as above with text feedback) 238 -> ->325 - "Stat: Save vs. all" (modifier for all 5 Saving throws) 402 -> ->326 - "Add Effects List" (based on spell immunities, applies a spell on target) 233 -> ->327 - "Graphics: Icewind Visual Spell Hit (plays sound)" (Plays spell hit projectiles of IWD starting at 0x1000), most of these can be simulated by vvc, but not all 288 -> ->328 - "State: Set State" (Sets extended state behavior can be HoW or IWD2 style) 239 -> 405 ->329 - "Spell Effect: Slow Poison" (Decreases poison effects by param1 factor) 283 -> ->330 - "Text: Float Text [283]" (Used in Cynicism) 240 -> 401 ->331 - Monster summoning 243 -> 402 ->331 - Animate dead (Add 13 to param2) 246 -> 403 ->331 - Mixed summons (Add 15 to param2) 248 -> 404 ->331 - Shadow summons (Add 26 to param2) 73 -> 73 -> 332 - Specific damage bonus, if param2!=0 264 -> 407->333 - Static charge 282 -> 406 ->328 - Set State with param2 = 35 and special field = 1 280 -> 409 ->334 - Turn Undead 269-275 -> ? -> 335 - Seven Eyes effects, param1 = spell state (48+index), param2 = index, resource = SPIN107+index ? -> ? -> 336 - Seven Eyes Overlay (this one has no proper equivalent) 276 -> 500 -> 337 - Remove Effect by Opcode (used by seven eyes and cloudburst) - - 338 - Cannot save or rest (from Seth) - - 339 - Change Area Animation (IWD hardcoded projectile effect) - - 340 - Set Backstab Spell (spell that is applied on victim of a backstab) - - 341 - Set Critical Hit Spell (spell that is applied on victim of a critical hit)
  11. It is all that BG[2]EE has, plus some more. Opcodes from vanilla IWD were ported to either simulating them by old opcodes, or tweaked opcodes or reimplemented them in a new slot. DLTCEP uses the BG2 effect description file for IWDEE. Specifically: opcode 261 of iwd was relocated to 318. [edit] Hmm, i think 261 is probably simulated by 101 (protection from opcode).
  12. opcode 360 is not used in iwdee (probably not even present in it), i cannot tell if it is working or not (didn't write/use/test it). Lets say, it will work someday. opcode 327 just shoots a projectile at the target (with no fx in it). The same (or similar) could also be achieved by the CG opcode (140). opcode 336 uses 7 initially, but it is decreased by every eye spent (it is decreased by the engine). When it creates a vvc resref to display, it takes the resource field and adds this number to it (as string). Like "#7EYES1A" (where A = 1, B = 2, etc).
  13. It stops looking for usable spells after that entry (on that level). So let me see if I understand. Let's say I enter "spwi105" and give it a value of "1" under IS_FINAL. If I then create a 1st level wizard, he can only select spells "spwi101 to "spwi104" for his spellbook? Yes, that's how it should work. (maybe spwi105 would be in the list too, but spwi106 would certainly be omitted).
  14. It stops looking for usable spells after that entry (on that level).
  15. Do you have any examples? SpellPoint is always used just with coordinates+spellref in vanilla bg2 (and others). (Really)ForceSpellPointRES is the only exception from the spellcasting family, due to different parameter ordering. As far as I know, also only the Really* family forces the level with param1 (if also a string parameter is passed) or param2. There are no examples in the game, but I have been able to reproduce it in both BGII:ToB and BGII:EE and use it my mods. I do not have access to the files atm so I can at most instruct how to reproduce this. Open SPWI304 (Fireball), and add an effect with opcode 148 and param2=2 that casts SPWI308 (Lightning Bolt). Make sure the target type of that effect is set to 2 (pretarget) and not 1 (self) as one would expect to do in this opcode. When you cast Fireball into a group of creatures, they will then cast Lightning Bolt to the center point of the Fireball explosion. Repeat the same with param2=1 and the result will be all the same. It is always the affected creature who casts the spell in #146/#148
  16. As far as i know, param2 can be 0 or not 0. There is no different behavior between 1 or 2.
  17. If you set up DLTCEP for an EE game, then you must set the Language in the WeiDU Menu, even if you don't use WeiDU. This will make sure dialog.tlk is found.
  18. Both. Interact frequency/probability is the main thing. Special probability is if they use the dialogs. So, if you set special probability to 100, it will be all dialogs, if you set it to 0, it will be all interact.2da. [edit] (at least that's what i thought first, but i don't really know how special probability works) If the special probability part isn't true, then this is mostly for interact.2da
  19. I'm responsible for the wand boom in high hedge. The original game had them flagged as 'infinite supply'. I brought that down to 10. Doesn't the original BG have infinite supply regardless of the flag?
  20. It is likely the engine supports only single class hp's and calculates the rest automagically. BG2EE doesn't even have those extra tables.
  21. Gender (gender_both) should definitely be set. But i think you must also use the solar/antisolar animation ID, which severely limits the usability.
  22. Does the "Special" parameter for opcode 319 refer to the field at 0x2c Avenger described as Param 2.5? Is the list of IDS files that can be referenced by this and other opcodes increased at all? Referencing kit.ids would be nice. To make sure I understand "Spell level set to 1 means only usable by", let's say there was an effect that specified Param2=7 (GENDER.IDS) and Param1=2 (FEMALE). With spell level set to 1, it would prevent non-female characters from using the item, but with spell level set to something else, it would prevent female characters from using it? Is there anything that could make an item usable by a kit but not its parent class? 9 - kit.ids (works with almost all ids targeting opcode, except protection from creature) Opcode 319 also works with name/scripting name.
  23. I think the mirror image bit was also implemented.
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