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  1. Modmerge is outdated. Use DLC Merger instead. It can be installed like a regular mod. Just make sure to install it as the very first mod, because every other mod depends on it.
  2. I haven't heard about it from the other EE games yet. I was able to trigger this issue in BG2EE too. It looks like this combo should be avoided in all games.
  3. WeiDU handles patching of the game executable just like every other game resource that is patched by a mod. The bgmain.exe is a big file (over 7 MB). It's very unlikely that both mods patch the same byte sequence in the file. It should be fine to install both mods. But you should consult the readmes of the mods just in case.
  4. I haven't heard about it from the other EE games yet. But they all use the same engine, so it could affect these games, too. In any case, I don't see a need for an EndCutSceneMode() if it's followed by a Dialog() call. (Unless the dialog is not guaranteed to trigger. In that case it would make sense to add EndCutSceneMode() *after* the Dialog() call.) That should be fine. The dialog should have ended cutscene mode already, so the final EndCutSceneMode() call does nothing except waste two AI ticks.
  5. The combo of EndCutSceneMode() and StartDialogNoSet() or Dialog() is commonly used in many cutscenes in IWDEE. Examples are EEPEQTLK.BCS or EEPOQCT1.BCS. According to Bubb there is a 2 AI-tick gap between execution of these two actions. This gap allows unrelated script actions to be executed in rare cases which may interfere with the scripted events in unintended ways. I could reproduce it with the Cornugons and Iron Golems in the final battle at Jarred's Stone where sometimes either a Cornugon or an Iron Golem moved to the party while the series of cutscenes was still being executed. Since there are several transitions between cutscenes and dialogs it is potentially possible that the party is also attacked by the creatures (or worse, has to suffer from the Iron Golem's cloud ability) while still being locked in cutscene mode. If there is no particular reason for the EndCutSceneMode() action to be present, I'd suggest removing it in all these cases.
  6. The ext4 casefold method is described here:
  7. Spellhold Studios Test Your Mettle! Test Your Mettle! is a mod for BG2:EE and EET that provides you with a unique dungeon crawling experience. Version 1.5 provides Simplified Chinese translation as well as various improvements and bugfixes. Full changelog: Added Simplified Chinese translation (thanks yoshimo0417) Improved event of unsealing the boss chamber Improved several visual effects Improved general mod compatibility Fixed missing spell effect of a Drone penalty on heavy damage Minor creature fixes Links: Forums: SHS, Beamdog Download: GitHub Readme
  8. That has been fixed last year in one of the commits among many other issues. In general, EET has been greatly improved since the latest official release. By now I would always suggest to download and play the latest master branch version instead of the (outdated) release version.
  9. I have recently coded an improved version of the "FIND_FREE_ANIMATION_SLOT" function for my own mods which returns a free animation slot for a specified animation type as well as other useful values for installing new animations (such as ini filename and ANIMATE.IDS entry). The function code is attached below. This version takes animation types into account that are only available for very specific subranges (like monster/monster_old or monster_quadrant/monster_multi/multi_new), based on IESDP information, and provides several more parameters for customizing slot detection. Example code for a typical creature animation installation of type "monster": INCLUDE "%MOD_FOLDER%/lib/a7#anim_slots.tph" LAF FIND_FREE_ANIMATION_SLOT INT_VAR // slot_index = 0x7300 // optional: alternate method for requesting a type-specific animation slot // in place of the "type" parameter below. // min_index = 0x7350 // optional: further restrict available slot range (lower limit) // max_index = 0x7390 // optional: further restrict available slot range (upper limit) // silent = 1 // optional: suppress (warning) messages STR_VAR type = "monster" // supported animation types are listed in the a7#anim_slots.tph script file symbol = "PET_CORNUGON_IN_PINK" RET slot // the free animation slot number ini_file // filename of the associated INI file animate_entry // configured ANIMATE.IDS entry END // Returned values: // slot: 0x7002 // ini_file: 7002.ini // animate_entry: 0x7002 PET_CORNUGON_IN_PINK COPY "%MOD_FOLDER%/pet_cornugon/7xxx.ini" "override/%ini_file%" APPEND "ANIMATE.IDS" "%animate_entry%" COPY "%MOD_FOLDER%/pet_cornugon/petcornu.cre" "override" WRITE_LONG 0x28 slot // updating animation slot a7#anim_slots-v1.1.zip
  10. Expanding spoilers with spacious content in quoted sections can break the website layout. Example: https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/topic/34875-bug-report-ee-content-bugs/?do=findComment&comment=337035
  11. [IWD] Brother Harken and Sister Incylia are initially positioned after a delay and reset their positions after a certain amount of time in the Fallen Temple area Brother Harken and Sister Incylia are positioned by script, based on the entrance the party uses to enter the area, to ensure that Brother Harken is always closest to the initial party location. This method introduces a delay of up to several seconds before the positioning is performed. Moreover, it causes their positions to reset after a certain amount of time (24 hours?). If you entered from Marketh's Palace - Myconid area then both characters will stand next to each other or (in rare cases) on top of each other. If you entered from the Lower Dorn's Deep Forge area then Sister Incylia's will return to her original position near the blocked staircase. I can think of two options how to fix these issues: Adding a MoveToPoint() action after the JumpToPoint() action in the script seems to prevent their positions from resetting but does not fix the delay before their initial positioning. Defining their positions in the INI file of the area solves both issues at the same time but may potentially conflict with mods that attempt to modify their positioning behavior (if there are any). Any suggestions?
  12. I have updated the auto-build scripts for NI which should produce working macOS binaries in future releases (unless Apple deprecates even more APIs in future macOS versions.)
  13. Finally some good news. I think I'll go with the Oracle version.
  14. Thank you! I have created several more (zipped) PKG files with JDK packages from different distributors. Could you test whether any of them actually works? installer-macos-arm64-corretto.zip installer-macos-arm64-oracle.zip installer-macos-arm64-temurin.zip
  15. In that case there isn't much more I can do on my side to fix this issue. Could you please upload your own (working) version?
  16. Interesting. I couldn't find out much about this error except for this thread. It isn't very clear but it seems to be caused by a deprecation of an API in macOS 14 that is used by some Java Runtime packages. Could you test whether this version runs on your system: NearInfinity-macos-arm64-2.4.20240424.pkg
  17. Near Infinity v2.4-20240424 Near Infinity is a resource browser and editor for Infinity Engine games, such as Baldur's Gate or Icewind Dale. It is written in Java and available for Windows, macOS and Linux. This release introduces a greatly improved TIS converter, new syntax highlighting options for MENU resources and action/triggers in the dialog tree viewer, as well as many more improvements and bugfixes. Near Infinity is available as a platform-independent Java JAR file, Windows installer and macOS PKG installer, as well as a Flatpak application from Flathub for Linux. More information as well as a detailed Changelog can be found in the respective topics at Spellhold Studios, Beamdog Forums, and GitHub Discussions. Download: GitHub (Java JAR file, Windows and macOS installers) Flathub (Linux Flatpak archive)
  18. The color bleeding effect of DXT encoding is actually less of a problem than the way how the EE engine assembles the tiles to generate the map background in the game. Moreover, the bleeding effect occurs only if adjacent pixels lie inside a single DXT-encoded block of 4x4 pixels. Reconverting a "problematic" tileset with NI can fix these issues in most cases. (There will still be edge cases where the lossy nature of DXT compression can produce visible artifacts, but they are rare.) Example conversion of the High Hedge interior crystal animation with the very noticeable horizontal line:
  19. [PST] Trias is vulnerable to several spell effects that make it impossible to finish the game Abilities like Morte's Litany of Curses or spells like Abyssal Fury that can apply death effects can prevent Trias from triggering the conversation that allows you to return back to Sigil and finish the game.
  20. [BG1] The animated crystal in the High Hedge interior map has a darker shade and visual artifacts The darker shade is an oBG1 issue that is also present in BGEE. The visual artifacts are caused by the way how animated or secondary tiles are rendered in the game.
  21. Btw, next release of Near Infinity provides a greatly improved TIS conversion feature that takes care of visual artifacts on PVRZ-based tilesets, handles overlay conversions between oBG2 and EE engine, and more. (Select "Export... > as PVRZ/palette-based TIS" from an opened TIS resource to test this feature.) A preview version can already be tested from the Nightly Releases: https://github.com/Argent77/NearInfinity/releases/tag/nightly
  22. Good question. Maybe @CamDawg can answer that question? With every new PR it becomes more difficult to merge them with the repo since several PRs conflict with each other.
  23. There is a PR for EEFP that restores these cinematics: https://github.com/Gibberlings3/EE_Fixpack/pull/89
  24. I agree with Acifer that the water overlays work as expected in your test sample. Since the background of the water tiles are mostly solid black you'll see a very strong overlay effect from the water tileset. Adding some background to the water tiles will probably reduce the effect somewhat. In that case you could also tweak the "Overlay transparency" field in the ARE file (formerly known as 'Wind Speed') to adjust overlay transparency. Alternatively, do it the SoD way and use WBM video overlays instead:
  25. It could be an issue with DLTCEP. The tool hasn't been updated for years. Does the map load correctly in NI? Did you check the height/light/search map overlays in NI's area viewer?
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