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  1. The EET mod compatibility list still lists BG1-UB as a BGEE-only mod, which means that it has to be installed on BGEE before EET is installed.
  2. This is a small function that could come in handy to determine the string count in the dialog.tlk. It uses a constant (and small) number of iterations to determine the string count regardless of the actual dialog.tlk size. Code: Update: The WeiDU command NEXT_STRREF seems to provide the same functionality as this function. I leave it here for educational purposes.
  3. According to the attached debug file it looks like EET could not create a desktop shortcut for the EET game. This is a purely optional feature of EET which (imo) shouldn't have been added to EET in the first place since it's prone to failure. You can either run setup-EET.exe from the command line with an additional argument that skips desktop shortcut creation: setup-EET.exe --args s Or you could open EET\EET.tp2 in a text editor, scroll all the way down and remove everything starting with the line ACTION_IF (~%argv[0]%~ STRING_CONTAINS_REGEXP ~[Ss]~ = 0) BEGIN and everything afterwards. This will remove the shortcut creation from the mod.
  4. According to NI's Advanced Search I could find in BGEE+SoD+BP: - 264 detectable traps - 436 locked containers - 64 locked doors in BG2EE+BP2: - 188 detectable traps - 318 locked containers - 46 locked doors In BGEE the XP bonus would be negligible. In BG2EE that would be a bonus of more than 1M XP when unlocked/disarmed by thieves of level 16 or higher. However, these numbers include all campaigns and NPC/Quest-specific areas.
  5. The macOS version gives me the biggest headache. Mostly because there is no way to associate file types with the app without signing abilities but also because of the increasing number of restrictions Apple adds to each new macOS version. Moreover my macOS testing capabilities are limited to the version that can still run as VM on my system (currently Monterey). I'll look into it. In the worst case I have to remove the portable version for macOS. The Open File dialog was an attempt to quickly choose a mod for installation. But I can see that it might be confusing for the user when it pops up for the first time. I'll see if there is anything that can be improved.
  6. Good catch. It was caused by an existing bug that was dormant until now but had been exposed by the improved table padding algorithm. It was the result of an unintentional use of the same array name in two different functions. Issue has been fixed in ADD_KIT_EX v0.6.2.
  7. No, the creature doesn't appear to be immune to any weapon enchantments. However, a Mirror Image effect is triggered whenever it is attacked. Maybe you're just unlucky and always hit the image.
  8. @Dan_P ADD_KIT_EX has been updated to v0.6.1 which fixes the issues mentioned in this topic.
  9. Thanks. I have identified an issue that can lead to non-padded table entries under certain conditions. It'll be fixed in the next release of ADD_KIT_EX. That will currently cause problems if multiclass kits are installed before and after ToF since ADD_KIT_EX explicitly checks for the "QD_MULTI" keyword to determine whether to initialize files related to the multiclass kit mechanism. Making the check more robust is a trivial matter, but that will require kit mods to update to the next ADD_KIT_EX version. The same is true for mods that use @subtledoctor's QDMULTI library directly.
  10. ADD_KIT_EX shouldn't break any 2da resources. Missing entries will be automatically (and semi-intelligently) filled by the function to leave a valid 2da file. @Dan_P Could you please provide a repro case if the file above was created by ADD_KIT_EX in that state?
  11. I have noticed another peculiar behavior of the PSTEE engine variant. It looks like the max. range of ranged spells or abilities is only considered by the engine after entering a new area. If you save and reload then the engine appears to limit the range to the visual range of characters in the BGEE engine (which is smaller than the visual range in PSTEE) until you enter a new area. Edit: I think this is caused by the effective visual range of creatures which is reduced to the visual range of the BGEE engine after a reload. It seems to affect everything (even the scripting of creatures to detect enemies) except the range for clearing the fog of war which still works correctly.
  12. I agree with jmerry. The rest spawn calculation in IWDEE seems to be correct. It's looks like oIWD calculates the numbers differently. The secondary cap (offset 0xa4) appears to be used as some kind of multiplier. I also didn't notice a change in the number of spawned instances when I increased the power level of the creatures. In any case, I think the rest spawn works as intended in IWDEE considering that the calculations have changed quite a bit.
  13. It looks like encounter probability is indeed calculated differently in oIWD. Based on my tests the reduction to 20 percent is a good approximation - maybe even a bit low. 22 or 23 percent would be closer to the original spawn rate. The oIWD calculation seems to distribute the rest encounters more evenly, but that's not something we can control. I have also noticed that the number of spawned creatures appears to be calculated differently. In my test setup I got between 1 to 3 instances of a creature type per rest encounter in oIWD. The same setup in IWDEE would always spawn a single creature. I don't know if this indicates a bug or just a different spawn number calculation.
  14. The probabilities of hostile rest encounters have been greatly reduced in IWDEE compared to oIWD. It looks like this was a systematic change since all encounter probabilities were reduced to 20 percent of the original value. @CamDawg Do you know whether (or why?) this was intentionally changed by BD? Should it be reverted to the original values by the EEFP? Comparison of rest encounter probabilities (oIWD and IWDEE):
  15. Yes, the fixed BAM resources were already present in EEFP. However, they were not installed because the relevant WeiDU code was missing for PSTEE. This commit should fix it.
  16. You're right, there is already an animation fix (#1, #2). But it looks like the commit lacks the code for applying the fix to PST:EE.
  17. The (auto-)pause feature also seems to affect area background animations that consist of multiple parts. They will eventually go out of sync when the pause feature is used frequently. A good example are the swinging chains in the PST Modron Maze boss room (AR13WZ).
  18. Thank you! Added to the GitHub Releases page.
  19. Near Infinity v2.4-20231231 Near Infinity is a resource browser and editor for Infinity Engine games, such as Baldur's Gate or Icewind Dale. It is written in Java and available for Windows, macOS and Linux. This release provides several new features, improvements and bugfixes. Near Infinity is available as a platform-independent Java JAR file, Windows installer and macOS PKG installer, as well as a Flatpak application from Flathub for Linux. More information as well as a detailed Changelog can be found in the respective topics at Spellhold Studios, Beamdog Forums, and GitHub Discussions. Download: GitHub (Java JAR file, Windows and macOS installers) Flathub (Linux Flatpak archive)
  20. There is a bug in the INI processing mechanism for spawning creatures. The "events" key in the [spawn_main] section is supposed to accept a comma-separated list of group section names. However, only the last entry in the list is apparently considered by the engine. Bubb confirmed this issue as a buggy implementation in the engine itself: This bug currently impacts IWD:EE map AR8005 (Lower Dorn's Deep building, ground floor) where creature spawns are defined that are supposed to be triggered whenever the Shriekers detect an intruder. As it is currently scripted, the Shriekers are basically pointless since they don't do anything harmful (except maybe getting on the player's nerves with their constant shrieking).
  21. A similar discussion came up in another recent thread, you're unlikely to be level 7 when you meet Shoal, need to ensure it bypasses Mirror Image though which instant death effects by default do and it's toggleable for damage on EEs. Imo being able to protect against the death effect should not be a real issue. However, the spell also sets a global which is then incorrectly evaluated in the following conversation and leads to the wrong dialog branch.
  22. There is another potential loophole with this quest. If you are a spellcaster then you can initiate Shoal's dialog with your familiar which is then either killed or brought to near-dead status in place of a party member. Aside from the nonsensical-looking dialog options when you talk to Shoal with your familiar, if the familiar is killed then the resurrection attempt by Shoal doesn't work since it only covers regular party members.
  23. Changing damage type sounds like the best solution for this issue to me. Changing the effect to "Set cur. HP to 0" seems to put the target into some kind of "undead" state. The target has 0 HP and a grayed out portrait but can still walk around and interact with the world.
  24. That's not a solution either since Death effects can be protected against by Death Ward. That's the normal case in BG:EE as well. However, it looks like party members can permanently die if game difficulty is Core Rules or higher and cur. HP difference to max. HP is 20 or more.
  25. Spellhold Studios Reveal Hidden Gameplay Options This is a mod for all Enhanced Edition games that adds a great number of useful options directly to the game's options menu. These options include the (in)famous debug console, various convenience and graphics options and many more. Version 4.5 provides Simplified Chinese translation, adds compatibility with Pecca's Infinity UI++ mod and fixes some bugs. Links: Forums: SHS, Beamdog Download: SHS, GitHub Readme
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