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  1. New release: Magic Store of Vergadain 4.1 Changes: Added Simplified Chinese translation (thanks Lewis Liu) Updated Russian translation
  2. No need for mods if you play IWD. There are Translocation Arrows which basically do what you have in mind.
  3. Another hardcoded issue concerns probability ranges rolled for item or spell effects. The engine rolls effect probabilities individually based on the target. As a consequence it is not directly possible to synchronize effects with probability subranges that are applied to different targets (e.g. the primary target and the caster). These are Bubb's remarks on this subject (originally posted on Discord):
  4. This warning probably comes a little late, but forcibly quitting a WeiDU mod installation will almost always cause trouble since it prevents WeiDU from performing important cleanup operations at the end of the installation. However, if you're adventurous you could manually add the entries of the installed components to the WeiDU.log, so that the installer can pick them up and provide uninstall options. No guarantee that it works though, and it probably works only correctly if you didn't installed any mods afterwards. The general scheme is ~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #x where x indicates the designated number of the installed component. If you don't know exactly which components were installed then you can look them up in the "weidu_external\cdtweaks\backup" folder. For each installed component there should be a subfolder with the name of the component number.
  5. It could be. But then Beamdog must have tinkered with the implementation. That bug doesn't exist in oBG2.
  6. It looks like there is an engine bug with global NPCs who never joined the party yet. If they gain an item in their inventory (by script or otherwise) then the item will be gone when you leave and reenter the map. This behavior is only reproducible for NPCs who were made global statically in the game's default BALDUR.GAM file (which concerns basically all original Bioware NPCs.) The new Beamdog NPCs and (most) modded NPCs are not affected since they use "MakeGlobal()" instead. One consequence of that bug can be encountered in a Ding0's Quest Pack, "Additional Shadow Thieves Content" component, where the expanded Mae'Var quest doesn't work out as intended if you choose to betray Edwin.
  7. @DavidW It's caused by an incorrect resource reference for rangers in start_at_level_one.tpa. To fix it change "resref=SKILLSHM" to "resref=SKILLRNG".
  8. [BG2EE] Cowled Enforcers should not turn on themselves The combat scripts of several cowled enforcers are set up to cast hostile spells on their own members. I have identified several script blocks which probably need an update. COWENF01.BCS: COWENF02.BCS:
  9. Since only automatic saves appear to be affected you could open the override folder of the game and look for a file called SAVENAME.2DA. Move it somewhere outside of the game folder and see if it fixes your issue.
  10. That appears to be a standard error message that always pops up if the game cannot save the game for a variety of reasons. Did you install the mod on BGEE with SoD? In that case you have to install DLC Merger as the very first mod before installing anything else.
  11. These are most likely binaries for macOS or Linux. You can ignore or delete them on Windows.
  12. PSTEE doesn't provide all the features of the BGEE engine. WBM support may be one of them. I haven't seen any instances of background animations using PVRZ in the games yet. But I can imagine that it might be useful if you need a static image as background animation.
  13. Except in the case of reinstallation, mod order is actually irrelevant for this mod. The recommended lighting preset should be good enough if you're unsure what to choose. There is usually no need to change the lighting settings once it is installed.
  14. This component modifies stack size only if the chosen size is greater than the original size. Ammo stack size in vanilla EE games is already 80, so setting it to 40 or 80 doesn't change anything. Component description in the readme is somewhat vague in this respect, as the only hint can be found in the component name.
  15. #BONECIR.SPL contains an illegal signature in the unmodified game ("SPL\x03V1 " instead of "SPL V1 "). It is possible that some mod tried to "fix" this issue by removing this unused resource from the game.
  16. I'm not sure if these issues count as bugs that should be fixed by EEFP. They are definitely annoying though. 1. Some portal activation scripts in PSTEE use HarmlessEntered([PC]) instead of HarmlessEntered(Player1) to trigger portal-related dialogs, which causes the dialog to trigger for each party member individually that enters the trigger region unless they all enter in the same script round. I'd suggest to change all these instances to HarmlessEntered(Player1) unless there's a good reason that someone else than TNO should trigger a portal. Affected scripts: 0101PRT1.BCS, 1000PORT.BCS, 1500LIPS.BCS, TO0610A.BCS, TO0610B.BCS 2. The portal activation scripts from and to the secret area in Ravel's Maze are coded so that when you arrive at the destination the dialog for activating the portal back to the source are triggered immediately. With a bigger party this dialog can be triggered multiple times when you try to move away from the portal. Adding a small delay to the trigger script could fix this issue. Affected scripts: TO0610A.BCS, TO0610B.BCS Suggestions?
  17. Yes. The ALWAYS block is executed for each component separately. This is necessary since the user may choose to install both components at once or each component by a separate WeiDU call. ACTION_READLN only allows the user to enter data. It doesn't directly solve the problem of sharing data between components. To forward array data from one component to another you could use text files with the array content. Another (and probably better) option would be to generate a WeiDU script file (.tph) dynamically by component 1 with the updated array definition that can then be INCLUDEd by component 2 if it exists.
  18. Spellhold Studios Trials of the Luremaster for Baldur's Gate Trials of the Luremaster for Baldur's Gate is a port of the Icewind Dale expansion for the Baldur's Gate series. It is available for BG2:EE, SoD and EET. Version 4.3 adds Simplified Chinese translation to the mod, by Lewis Liu. You can grab the latest release from the download links below. Download: GitHub Forums: SHS, Beamdog Readme
  19. Magic Store of Vergadain The mod allows you to acquire a magical artifact called "Magic Store of Vergadain" that provides the means to visit any store you have visited in the past. Getting your hands on this unique artifact involves a small quest of one kind or another. It is available for original BG2, Tutu, BGT, BG:EE, SoD, BG2:EE, EET and IWD:EE. Version 4.0 adds a new subcomponent to tweak the Magic Store artifact and updates French and Polish translations. Download: GitHub Discussion: G3, Beamdog Readme
  20. New release: Magic Store of Vergadain 4.0 Changes: Added a new subcomponent that allows you to tweak number and type of the Magic Store item charges Updated French translation (thanks JohnBob) Updated Polish translation
  21. Spellhold Studios Reveal Hidden Gameplay Options This is a mod for all Enhanced Edition games that adds a great number of useful options directly to the game's options menu. These options include the (in)famous debug console, various convenience and graphics options and many more. Version 4.6 updates the Simplified Chinese translation and Project Infinity metadata. Links: Forums: SHS, Beamdog Download: SHS, GitHub Readme
  22. Chaos Sorcerer Kit The Chaos Sorcerer is a unique sorcerer kit, inspired by the "Wild Mage" specialization for mages. Version 2.9 provides a translation update for the French language. Links: Download Forums: Beamdog, SHS Readme
  23. This error seems to be originally caused by TA's subcomponent "More Interjections". The issue can be reproduced by Installing "More Interjections" Reinstalling "More Interjections" @CamDawg More specifically, it's caused by this code. My guess is that the IDS table isn't properly reloaded by WeiDU between the uninstallation and (re-)installation step. Possibly a WeiDU bug? As a workaround I could fix it by adding CLEAR_IDS_MAP as the first action to the subcomponent before everything else. @Proclaim_TV To fix it locally open the file "cdtweaks\setup-cdtweaks.tp2" in your game directory with a text editor. Jump to line 1274 or search for the string "LABEL ~cd_tweaks_more_interjections~" (without the quotes). Right after that line insert a new line with this command: CLEAR_IDS_MAP and save the file. It should (hopefully) fix this issue when you install or reinstall more mod components.
  24. Yes, I noticed after posting that code snippet. I've added a note to the comment.
  25. That'll probably work too in most cases. However, it might fail with an error if the dialog.tlk size is >16 MB because of (32-bit) WeiDU restrictions. It may also miss strings added by the current installation process since I'm not sure whether WeiDU writes them immediately to disk or just caches them in memory until the installation is complete.
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