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  1. Yeah, adding old spell to HIDESPL.2DA and updating old references with new ones in places that are noticeable by player (scrolls and known spells) would be enough to make it work. But why not just buff or nerf the spell instead of messing with levels? I don't think even Spell Revisions changes spell levels.
  2. The IWD-in-EET code can't be used as it is for this task because the mod imports (and on the fly patches if needed) every single resource from the game, so it doesn't need to worry about identifying spell related resources or exporting just particular TRA references - that is handled automatically like any other resource. You could use spell.ids parser that can prepare a code for ADD_SPELL (it's also in EET.tp2, so feel free to use it). In order to export things only related to spells you would need to adopt the code existing in macros.tph file to loop through all references existing in these spells to get their names (or do it manually), than do the same with with those referenced files and again until nothing else is found. You would also need to identify offsets that needs to be updated after ADD_SPELL is used. Patch spells after ADD_PROJECTILE is used, if needed. On top of that a custom code to generate TRA files for different languages with only spell description and spell effects strings used there (the code for it could be easily adopted from "EET_expand_tlk" function also available within EET macros.tph file). Overall it would be pretty time consuming. Probably it's a better idea to use IWDification work as a base, to save yourself time. Additional benefit would be compatibility with vanilla engines considering IWD:EE spells uses a lot of EE exclusive spell effects that doesn't exist in vanilla BG2. If that's out of the question than at least wait for Siege of Dragonspear to see what's the situation with spells post 1.4 patch. Beamdog guys mentioned during stream that there will be some new spells, so who knows. Some advices regarding compatibility with other mods (including IWDification, IWD-in-EET and SCS if it ever receives proper update to support IWD:EE content): - use ADD_SPELL with symbolic name exactly the same as in IWD/IWD:EE (for example CLERIC_IMPERVIOUS_SANCTITY_OF_MIND and not let's say SD#CLERIC_IMPERVIOUS_SANCTITY), - don't change the level that particular spell is assigned to, - mention in the readme that your mod should be installed after IWD-in-EET (if someone wants to use both mods).
  3. Thanks Sam. I've just checked it and CA indeed comes with modified AR1607.TIS without githyanki ship. Who should be credited for it?
  4. I'm a bit surprised by that comment too. What exactly is not restoration that it warrants discouraging others from using it? Opinion is an opinion, but I'm curious what's wrong with it. To me, between UB and ARP, the latter always seemed to be closer to vanilla content, restoring what is already in game files instead of writing it's own story or adding unbalanced content (like Boo from UB that is able to kill large groups of low level enemies all by himself - or at least that was the case few versions ago when I played UB the last time). Here's a video showing examples of what you may expect in ARP:
  5. What I don't understand is why your final BG1 save has 2 instances of Dorn, Neera and Rasaad in GAM file. If I understand correctly transition didn't start in that save, so there has to be another reason for it. Do you have some earlier BG1 saves to check if they already had duplicated GAM entries? I think this may be related to the report considering there wasn't a problem with Viconia transition even though you didn't have her in your final party (1 GAM entry, moved correctly to AR1000). Also no problem with Edwin that you had at some point, but not in the final party. edit: after investigating it further I think I know where the problem lays. The only affected NPCs are those added by Beamdog. What they have in common is spawning via CreateCreature instead of GAM reference and MakeGlobal() usage that for some reason doesn't work as expected. In Dorn's case his GAM reference is duplicated as soon as MoveGlobal("OH1000","DORN",[382.531]) is used by CUTDN1D.BCS. From now on there may be problems with calling him by DV if he is not in active area. I will test it a little more and make a report on Beamdog forums if my findings are correct. Should be fixable because MakeGlobal() is not really needed in most cases (DV is added to GAM file automatically when NPC joins the party), so I can simply remove it from scripts that spawns Neera, Rasaad and Baeloth. With Dorn some additional changes will be needed because his existing CRE file from Friendly Arms Inn is supposed to be teleported via CUTDN1D.BCS before he joins the party. It will be fixed soon, but not sure how to help you with your current BG2 quest as I don't really know it. If this is a matter of missing CRE file than probably spawning a new one will fix the problem. Thanks for the report. edit2: ok, now I'm confused. Dorn's GAM reference clones no matter what. After removing MakeGlobal() and adding him to default GAM file to make him reference able outside of party he still duplicated GAM entry after MoveGlobal was used. Just to be sure I've also added this into CUTDN1D.BCS that moves Dorn: MoveGlobal("OH1000","Jaheira",[382.531]) MoveGlobal("OH1000","Khalid",[382.531]) and as expected they didn't duplicated the GAM entry like Dorn did. What makes Beamdog's NPCs special to break the engine like this? I've also checked it in vanilla BG:EE and same thing happens there. Nasty bug that I have no idea how to resolve.
  6. Please upload save that showcases the problem. Also if you have save before transition than it will be useful too. If you had Rasaad in party at any point of BG1 and he wasn't teleported during transition than it must be EET bug.
  7. AWizardDidIt, glad it's useful Version 1.2 (16.02.2016) Better table scaling in higher resolutions Version 1.3 (17.02.2016) Entity Escape for HTML special characters used in strings SAY and EXTERN columns not sortable Things like <CHARNAME>, <PRO_RACE> etc. are now correctly shown in the exported HTML file. Updated example output file too.
  8. Completely forgot that while working on BP-BGT Worldmap EE engine update I've assigned existing tutu mountain icons for new areas added by Beamdog due to lack of skill to convert them myself, so there are 2 more icons that would benefit from BG2/Tutu style conversion. OH2000 - Adoy's Enclave https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/35433122/OH2000%20-%20Adoy's%20Enclave.PNG OH3000 - Cloud Peaks https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/35433122/OH3000%20-%20Cloud%20Peaks.PNG Also the arrow in Ulgoth's Beard icon doesn't make any sense on BP-BGT Worldmap and EET Worldmap. It was added there in vanilla BG1 due to lack of space on the map to show where the icon should be placed canonically, so removing it sounds like a good idea. Link to the package in the first post has been updated.
  9. of course Areas that comes from both games uses the same IWDAREA flag.
  10. I think it's better to just use: AreaType(IWDAREA) or !AreaType(IWDAREA) all IWD-in-EET areas have this flag, so you don't have to worry about changing variables while leaving IWD content. btw. BG1 areas in EET also sets similar area type flag: BG1AREA. I'm recommending mods that adds areas to BG1 portion of the game to set it like this in new ARE files: PATCH_IF GAME_IS ~eet~ BEGIN SET BG1AREA = IDS_OF_SYMBOL (~areatype~ ~BG1AREA~) WRITE_SHORT 0x48 THIS | (1 << BG1AREA) END Jestey, we will patch vanilla content. It's easy to find such instances by simply searching for something like !AreaCheck("AR1100") in Near Infinity or some other trigger that is used in such blocks. For now I've found blocks that needs additional filtering in following BCS files: ANOMEN, JAHEIRA, JAN, KORGAN, MINSC. Technically we could use something like COPY_EXISTING_REGEXP GLOB ~.+\.BCS~ ~override~ DECOMPILE_AND_PATCH BEGIN REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~!AreaCheck("AR1100")~ ~!AreaType(IWDAREA) !AreaCheck("AR1100")~ END BUT_ONLY and cover all mods installed before IWD-in-EET that uses similar code as vanilla content, but not sure how that would be received by modders - some may be not happy that external mod modifies their code, so probably not worth it.
  11. Thanks Sam, that's interesting. I've checked the ship map and it's indeed tiny: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/35433122/demo.bmp From what I see all areas from the demo are presented in a single TIS, so it's not usable as it is. WED file would need to be trimmed, BMP files related to it seems to be missing. Water would probably need to be converted. Not sure if it's worth the effort, but if someone manages to convert it into proper area than it could be used as a random encounter in this mod. edit: HT / LM / SR bmp files are there in the package, so a little less work if someone would be interested in making this area usable.
  12. feel free to suggest better shout.bcs implementation. What is there in EET is a compromise between vanilla BG2 behaviour where everyone goes hostile as soon as you attack somebody in public if innocent characters have shout functionality too (if you don't remember such situations than some mod changed it in your game) and BG:EE implementation that has made all innocent people with shout.bcs never change their allegiance, resulting in ridicules situations like the one with Bentley Mirrorshade who is running away from level 1 party instead of protecting his Inn like in vanilla BG1.
  13. For now only for IWD1 content. I've listed every single change to filenames as a separate variable, but if someone is interested in writing cross-platform IWD mods than the only variables needed are these ones: in IWD-in-EET: OUTER_SPRINT "arePrefix" "ID" //replaces "AR" in ARE names (alternatively you can use pre made variables presented below) OUTER_SPRINT "rndPrefix" "ID" //replaces "RN" in dummy random treasure items (alternatively you can use pre made variables presented below) OUTER_SPRINT "splPrefix" "ID" //replaces "SP" for conflicting SPLC, SPWI, SPPR, SPIN spells without symbolic name (alternatively you can use pre made variables presented below) OUTER_SPRINT "resSuffix" "#" //standard renaming convention for other conflicting resources OUTER_SPRINT "var_CHAPTER" "IWDChapter" //IWD-in-EET replaces "Chapter" special variable with normal variable //also keep in mind that "AreaName_visited" variables has changed "AR" to "ID" prefix, you can either use /* Areas */ variables or "arePrefix" to cover them and in IWD:EE / IWD: OUTER_SPRINT "arePrefix" "AR" OUTER_SPRINT "rndPrefix" "RN" OUTER_SPRINT "splPrefix" "SP" OUTER_SPRINT "resSuffix" "" OUTER_SPRINT "var_CHAPTER" "Chapter" Others are more a reference for modders, although they still can be used if someone feels more comfortable with this: ~%Easthaven%~ rather than this: ~%arePrefix%1000~ IWD1 content cpmvars libraries have been attached to this post. iwd_cpmvars.tpa iwd_in_eet_cpmvars.tpa
  14. yes, unless the current solution is limiting you as a writer - in such case we can brainstorm some more linear implementation instead of following TotSC like adventures approach. If you want to keep the doc private than wait a little for EET Workroom access. I've contacted Mike to add you into the group. Of course if you want to post it publicaly than feel free to do so - it's up to you. edit: as for the Targos - if you want to write something for IWD2 than yes, that would be the most safe part of the story (whole first IWD2 worldmap content) since it doesn't really need any changes to the overall plot. Just removing some minor conflicts with IWD1 story (Oswald removed from Targos, changed date in 1 dialogue). Overall IWD2 content should have lower priority than IWD:EE, since the latter is already in playable beta phase. IWD2 is still in development and the details how to tweak the story to make sense when there is IWD1 stuff going on in parallel have not been decided yet. Before making such decisions I would like to have IWD2 fully playable within EE engine, than we can start thinking how to adopt it context wise.
  15. the image doesn't work for me. Please host it somewhere else. Or even better upload everything you unbiffed from that awesome demo and post here, so we could view it in NI
  16. correct, all BG1 NPCs that you've released for BG2 are not continuous like vanilla ones, even after applying those patches (they have different DV, dialogue and script names). Changes that I've listed in Changes.txt file are needed to be compatible with how EET systems works. For example chapters thing is needed by EET continuous chapter system (it will be implemented in version 1.0+ but the code I've posted is compatible with both current beta v0.9 and future versions). A little bit different FATESP.DLG implementation when GAME_IS ~eet~, done by that pre-made function will just adopt your mod to the way ToB summoning works in EET (which basically means no way to summon new creature file, only existing one if it's valid for summoning, also ToB Override script assigning since we no longer depend on PDIALOG.2DA to do it) - implementing it differently would conflict with this function and it's meant to be used by many other mods (it expects 3 responses per NPC coded in a specific way to be able to correctly determinate appending point sorted alphabetically). Same goes for appending ToB dialogue files to SoA ones done after all other mods are installed. After doing so nothing is really changed in a way they work (proper trigger filtering is automatically added to them). The only difference is eliminating a problem when you come back to BG2 areas from ToB - this way SoA interjections called by other dialogue files are still valid instead of breaking the dialogue.
  17. sounds like a good idea. IWD-in-EET is meant to be treated like vanilla content, so feel free to adjust it hoever you wish with Sandrah mod. I have done the ship with the githyanki part removed already for my RtF mod, including the concept to travel between far apart maps by ship (if you have enough money) and also having random encounters on the way. In RtF this was sometimes a workaround since the BGT worldmap required some *tricks* to travel between maps of different game parts (something no longer necessary in EET) Would you be ok for us to use it natively in IWD-in-EET than? If you don't mind please let me know the name of the ARE/WED/TIS files in RtF, so I can check if the graphic resources can be implemented as it is or needs some additional tweaking for this purpose.
  18. Regarding travelling to and from Icewind Dale. I think I've found a way to make it both convenient and believable. I think it will be hard to come up with something better than the proposed idea of travelling to IWD for the first time via boat (it's just very convenient considering the plot for it is already there in the beginning of IWD2). Than how exactly we come back to old areas? Well, by boat of course. But there is no need to speak with anyone or anything like that. You click on one of the BG areas on worldmap and than there is let's say 33% chance for "random" encounter on the way. The area of this random encounter is a ship: This is how player knows that going to and from Icewind Dale always takes place by boat, so the "suspension of disbelieve" is preserved even though the travel takes just about a week or two, without changing anything in a way we are travelling via worldmap. It's just an eye candy to make such travel times believable. Anyone interested in removing githyanki ship from AR1607.TIS? Here is how the area looks with it: btw. IWD-in-EET will have random encounters in normal travelling between IWD areas too (for some reason they were absent in vanilla games). Take a look at WhiteAgnus' WIP: sounds like a good idea. IWD-in-EET is meant to be treated like vanilla content, so feel free to adjust it hoever you wish with Sandrah mod.
  19. Roxanne, I think I get what you mean. I will wait for some more comments before starting to implement it. Maybe AWizardDidIt, who is writing interjections for vanilla NPCs, will post something about it. Any feedback is appreciated.
  20. AWizardDidIt, please take a look at this discussion. Your feedback would be very appreciated considering you are writing the dialogues for NPCs. We can design the implementation differently, if what has been proposed makes your task harder or feel more restrictive.
  21. Current idea for implementation is flexible enough that you could simply move the NPC from Ulgoth's Beard to BG docks yourself via Sandrah mod, if IWD-in-EET is detected, without any changes. Can't see a problem with it. If you're afraid that someone will accuse you for what you mentioned than we could add such delay to main package as a separate, optional component.
  22. Version 1.1 (15.02.2016) ToB JOIN dialogues support Skipping not existing JOIN files DV column added to the output table
  23. I've been thinking about this and came up with following idea based on your feedback. Instead of separating IWD1 and IWD2 storyline you will get into Icewind Dale the way it was previously planned for IWD2 content: as has been mentioned in IWD2 intro Targos needs help dealing with goblinoids problem and notices have been posted through the southern cities promising wealth and fame for adventures that would help with this task. So, the only thing added here is additional expedition from Baldur's Gate (intro mentions Neverwinter and Luskan). Considering we want to allow travelling there at any point (even on level 1, chapter 1, if that's the player's choice) the cutscene will be triggered via dialogue with someone in Ulgoth's Beard. That's it, no far-fetched excuses or time travelling nonsense. An optional questline with reasonable explanation why party decided to travel there. It's up to player when or if he/she would like to visits those areas and start IWD1 and IWD2 storylines and when to finish them. IWD2 and Heart of Winter content is designed for high level parties, so most players will probably delay it for mid or late BG2. But once you leave Targos, Eastheaven will show up on the worldmap, so you can initiate IWD1 storyline early, if you wish. Travelling back to BG areas is of course possible at any point. How do you like this implementation?
  24. I've extended the tool to eliminate the need of checking d files. You can now read these interjections or find the exact interjection points just by reading the HTML file. You can see the example output file generated on vanilla BG2:EE here. Consider using it on IWD:EE with Quylok's Icewind Dale NPCs mod installed, to check good candidates for insertion states. Here is example usage of that BG2:EE generated file: sort it by clicking on 6th column header (extern dialogue file name). Now you have all vanilla BG2:EE interjections sorted in a way that allows you to conveniently check how each NPC is written in relation to other files, starting with Aerie interjections.
  25. Interjection exporter tool Author: K4thos On the web: discussion forum Version 1.3 Link to readme file Download link Interjection exporter is a tool written in WeiDU language that can be used by modders to export all interjections in game into HTML file. Finding interjection points or getting grasp on how particular NPC has been written is a lot easier when you can analyze it outside of DLG files, in a sortable table storing all important data (including dialogue file names, original and interjected text, state numbers and response position). The tool uses PDIALOG.2DA to get the JOIN dialogue list, so it should also work for any mod that adds new NPCs and/or interjections. If you still need to review the original files, you can find decompiled version of dialogues related to interjections in interjectionExporter/d/ directory. You can see the example output file with all BG2:EE interjection exported to HTML file here. Notice that sorting columns in a file hosted online is very slow, so it's better to run this tool yourself and generate new local file or download the above mentioned one to your HDD.
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