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  1. BG:EE: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/31807/list-of-known-issues-read-this-first/p1 BG2:EE: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/37852/list-of-known-issues-read-this-first BG2:EE section is also important even if you're currently on BG1 because there are few engine bugs mentioned there that will affect BG:EE content too. Unfortunately not everything is listed in those 2 topics. For example that problem you reported about BG5400 script that can't be extended bottom was already a know issue, even though the ticket is not listed in the above linked topics. So using search engine on forum is needed too. New patches can't come soon enough ;( There are different types of animations supported by the engine (for example Ettin belongs to the "monster_icewind" group), so maybe this bug affects only some of them.
  2. send me the save file, I will take a look if this happens on unmodded game. Unless some mod tweaked scrl75.itm (unlikely) than it must be vanilla bug. EET doesn't touch this item and the way identification works in GUI is hardcoded in engine. vanilla engine bug, already reported here: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/44636/bg-ee-bg2-ee-extended-night-are-flag-triggers-day-night-transition-movies-outside-cities#latest
  3. I've moved your report to the new topic (feel free to adjust topic name btw.) because it's not related to EET. It's one of the many engine problems with the patchfinding introduced in patch 1.3 for BG2:EE that I warned you before you first started playing. This one is related to "personal space" of the CRE animation. If there is obstacle on the way creature with large personal space will cause massive slowdowns. It can be very easily tested for example in Candlekeep with console: C:CreateCreature("PETTIN") Hopefully all these oddities will be fixed in the next patch but for now you can place this file in your override to get rid of the slowdowns: https://www.sendspace.com/file/byzkqr It is INI file for Ettin animation with changed personal space to lower value (patch 1.3 unhardcoded animations to INI files, but they are not in BG2:EE by default). Thanks to this the creature will have a "personal space" like smaller creatures. Of course it's not really a fix because Ettin should have larger personal space, just a workaround until engine is fixed. If you still have slowdawns (for example CRE is spawned in place with not much area to move) than let me know - I will tweak the INI file further (into human personal space size).
  4. Indeed the location where TotLM starts doesn't matter considering you are teleported to the castle, but not sure why this change would be beneficial. It would require rewriting initial dialogue with Hobart Stubbletoes, so more work for translators (currently there is pretty much nothing to translate for whole IWD:EE content considering strings are taken right from TLK files). If you're interested in changing English lines from DHOBART.DLG to fit some other point of the story and place than sure, no problem. I can add it as optional component during installation. Or maybe even integrate with base component if there are more people who think it's worth to make such change. The question is - why? Here is how the conversation flows (you can compile it and view in Near Infinity Tree View), if you're interested in rewritting the dialogue:
  5. I've tested it on EET too, but just noticed that only BG2:EE Imoen CRE files have this effect. So there is a working workaround for this issue. Thanks for information. Roxanne, use this code to patch your CRE file: LPF ADD_CRE_EFFECT INT_VAR opcode = 360 //Ignore reputation breaking point target = 1 //Self timing = 1 //Instant/Permanent until death END
  6. thanks, argent77. Although my tests shows that the effect doesn't work (unless it means something else than leaving the party on low reputation). Like I mentioned in vanilla BG:EE without any mods Imoen will still leave the party even though her CRE file has this effect applied. She is automatically kicked out by the engine. And nothing like this happens on fully patched BG1 and BG2:ToB where this is entirely controlled by DPLAYER2.BCS (no one leaves if you remove code from that script), so what Avenger said doesn't seem to be correct: I don't think Beamdog hardcoded anything over vanilla. The code they started from was the vanilla BG2/ToB source. If the breaking point code is hardcoded, then it was also in ToB.
  7. to be more precise: As for the problem at hand I've tested how it works in other engines/games: 1. vanilla BG1 - party members never leave you due to low reputation. I've killed everyone in Friendly Arms Inn and Imoen, Khalid, Jaheira complained but didn't leave me. DPLAYER2.BCS don't have anything that would kick party members out. 2. vanilla BG2 - party members initiate dialogue and leaves party due to block inside DPLAYER2.BCS that forces this behaviour: IF BreakingPoint() THEN RESPONSE #100 SetGlobal("IHATEYOUALL","LOCALS",1) SetLeavePartyDialogFile() Wait(1) StartDialogueNoSet(Player1) ChangeAIScript("",DEFAULT) SetGlobal("IHATEYOUALL","LOCALS",0) END IF Global("IHATEYOUALL","LOCALS",1) InParty(Myself) THEN RESPONSE #100 SetLeavePartyDialogFile() Wait(1) StartDialogueNoSet(Player1) ChangeAIScript("",DEFAULT) LeaveParty() SetGlobal("IHATEYOUALL","LOCALS",0) END 3. BGT - same as BG2, but the implementation is bugged because BG1 characters don't know how to react to IHATEYOUALL variable and don't have any dialogue for such occasion, so they end up being kicked out by script but initiate normal friendly POST dialogue, so you can keep them (only in BG1 portion of the game, BG2 dialogue files fits the way it is coded). If you remove above mentioned block from DPLAYER2.BCS than they will react exactly the same as in BG1 - won't leave, won't initiate dialogue. 4. BG:EE - Beamdog added new code to DPLAYER2.BCS to kick out characters: IF !InParty(Myself) !HappinessGT(Myself,-299) !Name("neera",Myself) !Name("dorn",Myself) !Name("rasaad",Myself) !Name("baeloth",Myself) THEN RESPONSE #100 VerbalConstant(Myself,UNHAPPY_BREAKING_POINT) Wait(5) EscapeArea() END IF !CharName("Imoen",Myself) BreakingPoint() THEN RESPONSE #100 VerbalConstant(Myself,UNHAPPY_BREAKING_POINT) Wait(3) EscapeArea() END Kicking out party members due to low reputation is hardcoded in the exe file. The code doesn't even have LeaveParty() so I think it's intentional (which is awful change considering it migrated to BG2:EE too). 5. BG2:EE - again hardcoded kicking out, but characters will at least tell you their reputation dialogue thanks to the script (same as the one in vanilla BG2). In other words major regression compared to how it worked in vanilla engine. What had been controlled entirely by DPLAYER2.BCS is now ignored and the engine kicks out characters on its own. Reported the problem on Beamdog forums: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/46783/all-ee-engines-leaving-on-breaking-point-should-not-be-hardcoded
  8. yep. In other words whole IWD:EE, nothing omitted. And before you guys ask about IWD2: - all animations etc. - all side quests - whole first part of the main storyline (resolving Targos problems) - tweaked version of the later chapters (without tying the storyline to IWD1 story)
  9. that's hilarious And actually can be done in EE engine thanks to the new AddStoreItem action. I think we could add it into EET Tweaks or a separate mod. Any other ideas?
  10. I can confirm that it is hardcoded. Replaced whole DPLAYER2.BCS with this code: IF !InParty(Myself) OR(2) BreakingPoint() !HappinessGT(Myself,-299) THEN RESPONSE #100 DisplayStringHead(Myself,1) JoinParty() END Imoen, Jaheira and Khalid were automatically leaving the team and rejoining after I killed few people in Friendly Arms Inn. No problem with Xzar and Montaron (they don't mind due to Alignment) So it's the engine that kicked them from party in the first place, not what has been coded in DPLAYER2.BCS. I will post a bug report on Beamdog bug tracker.
  11. looks like Beamdog for some bizzare reason hardcoded it, see these 2 topics: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=26233 http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=26054 It's got to be engine bug, so probably will be fixed, if someone already reported it. Can't find any reports on Beamdog forums though.
  12. This is what I was thinking as well - initially - but !CharName("Sandrah",Myself) is in that code as well. And furthermore according to stutterbug tool that shows all code blocks triggered during the event, this code was not even running? huh, unexpected. I will test it and let you know the results. Just to be sure check in the save if she had "DPLAYER2.BCS" script assigned. Maybe she had "DPLAYER3" instead?
  13. when it comes to Imoen, she left because there is a bug in that code, indeed. It should be !CharName("Imoen",Myself) instead of Imoen2 (this is character name, not death variable). After you change it, Imoen no longer leaves the party. Thanks for report. If you add !CharName("Sandrah") or !Name("DV_of_Sandrah") trigger than she would stay during BG1 regardless of reputation (unless Beamdog hardcoded it, but that wouldn't make any sense).
  14. what you have quoted is NPC rection in vanilla BG2:EE. This is how it works in vanilla BG:EE: IF !CharName("Imoen",Myself) BreakingPoint() THEN RESPONSE #100 VerbalConstant(Myself,UNHAPPY_BREAKING_POINT) Wait(3) EscapeArea() END Both codes are in EET and ENDOFBG1 variable is used to detect which block should be used. Do BG1 NPCs even have Breaking Point dialogue for this if you didn't install BG1 NPC Project? Do BG:EE mod authors actually use IHATEYOUALL variable? I will check how Ascension64 added it in BGT, but the current implementation is true to vanilla games, so it's not a bug per se.
  15. K4thos

    EET Tweaks bugs

    this component is added normally via ADD_KIT and fl#add_kit.tpa like any other kit mod released for EE engine. It doesn't patch any CRE files. If it has been assigned to your NPC than maybe your kit wasn't recognized by weidu. You probably forgot about something when adding it which makes it invisible, so it has been overwritten by the next installed kit (same would probably happen if you install any other kit mod).
  16. I've noticed that BG1 version of NTotSC has 2 new unique icons. BGT version reuses Durlag Tower and Friendly Arm Inn instead. Here is how they look in the original BG1 release: Vanilla BG1 worldmap used black and white icons without animations. If someone would be interested in converting them to BG2/Tutu style than I'd like to add these icons into EET Worldmap icon file. They could be also added to BP-BGT Worldmap if Wisp won't be against it. What needs to be done: - adding colours - few frames with blue and red boarder/shading Here is a package with these icons as well as icons from BG2 and Tutu for reference: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vh2yj9lsvcx1fmz/icons.zip?dl=0
  17. this is not related to EET. I don't have any "GOODIE_TWO_SHOES" variable in my game, so it must be some mod.
  18. thanks. I've created a topic on Beamdog forums to report this problem: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/46737/ar5400-script-blocks-mod-added-content?new=1
  19. Reference image updated with The Darkest Day areas. BG2:EE version of this mod will be available soon thanks to shadowlich. File uploaded on dropbox to make it more readable (no jpg compression). Click to enlarge.
  20. If the problem lays on amount of days passed than it's very easy to solve with new EE engine action: AdvanceTime(any_value) where any_value could be few weeks delay or even years (everything is correctly updated, including journal). Before deciding on doing it by default it's probably better to wait for mods that are in the works now and see how they implement post-hell Suldanesselar.content to not conflict with them: - TDD currently developed by shadowlich (light version that focuses only on story content). Not sure what is it about but it makes changes to SoA ending. - A Journey's End (continuation to The Eve of War) written by one of Beamdog devs. Among other things it aims to expand on Sythillisian Empire story post SoA.
  21. the area does exist in vanilla BG1/BG:EE/EET. It's just unused - not accessible unless you clua to it.
  22. I've just checked it and BGT indeed added missing connection even though both BG1 and BG:EE have info trigger with "This house looks abandoned" text instead of entrance. Not sure if we should add it to EET considering it's more of a restoration rather than fix. AR4201 is not even named on the area reference page. Look at the area graphic, the door is clearly blocked from outside with some wooden planks, so it's a great material for a mod to add some flavour text and a way to get there (crowbar? entering though a window?). If EET adds it than it may not be compatible with such hypothetical mod designed with BG:EE/BG1/Tutu in mind. So yeah, I think external mod (like Sandrah) is a better place to restore the entrance and do something with the existing info trigger. EET uses the same area names as vanilla BG1 and BG:EE. Just with changed AR to BG prefix. For BGT you would need to check it with external source. In this case it is AR3101.
  23. I've tested it with all BG:EE and IWD:EE resources inside EET override directory, including uncompressed TIS files (you can force the installer to not biff sounds and graphic resources) which means several GB of data and didn't noticed any slowdawns or load times in the game (at least in Candlekeep and Lion's Way). Anyway the first post has been updated with following entries: Alternatives Edwin Romance Generalized Biffing Haer'Dalis Romance v2.1 Imoen Friendship (SoA & ToB) Item Randomiser v7 dev release dated 160110 IWDification vBeta3 Kivan and Deheriana Companions for BG2 Mazzy Friendship (SoA & ToB) Sarevok Romance Song and Silence The Gibberlings Three Anniversary Mod Tyris Flare Viconia Friendship (SoA & ToB) W_PackMule Wheels of Prophecy Patches for those new mods that need them are now available on GitHub. Unless I missed something every single BG2:EE Gibberlings 3 mod should now work with EET. We will focus on contacting authors now to try to get as many of them internalized as possible.
  24. strange indeed. Sounds like some random weidu compilation bug since neither BG1 NPC nor EET rearranges these blocks. I've decompiled the dialogue in my EET installation with BG1 NPC Project and the same block you've mentioned looks as expected. Could you please decompile QUAYLE.DLG on BG:EE and see if the error was already there before the EET conversion started?
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