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  1. So Choo and I are all moved in to our new place - 2 bedrooms, FINALLY so we can actually have people over and not step on each other in the kitchen. We thought it'd be a cool idea to track down all the IE games in their original boxes and decorate our game library with them, seeing as how we met through them, I got into development through them, and stuff, which is geeky and cheesy but it's our story and we like it. We also thought it would be nice to show others.


    Pillars is in the middle because it's the bulkiest so it made sense to put in the center but with TTON coming out, depending on the size of that box, we might have to rearrange. PS:T took forever to track down and silly IWD2 had to be special and be in a tiny box.






    Oh yeah, and I collect little chicken figurines so don't mind the slightly psychotic-looking green on in the back there. :)

  2. Stupid forums canceled my session.


    Anyway, I totally see where you are coming from Twani. For those wondering, I had mentioned that I didn't really feel the NPCs were growing on me with the exception of a couple of them but I wanted to edit/revise it and didn't have time so I removed that part of the post for now.


    As I thought about it some more, I recall that the NPCs in BG1 were pretty boring and it wasn't until BG2 that there was a lot more content for the NPCs, so maybe that is what will happen here too.


    I beat the game last night and I have to say, I LOVED IT. As someone who really appreciates a good story over mechanics, combat, and micromanagement, I thought the story was very well written, captivating, cohesive, and if I had to be critical of anything, it would be that the pacing seemed a little fast and doesn't really stop you from marching on when you have side quests pending.


    I'm definitely going to do another playthrough but I am very happy with how things were/were not resolved. :D

  3. While I can confirm that it is very text heavy (easily readable though - I like the way they've structured it), I'm going to avoid giving hourly estimates for this as DA:I offered something like 150 hours total. That game took me 50 hours to beat the main quest and get a fair amount of the side quests done. DA was amazing, but I feel like throwing out hours is becoming a new "standard" for game devs to quantify their quality.

  4. Choo Choo and I have been playing nonstop and either we just don't think to double click or we're extremely fortunate, as neither of us have encountered any criticals. Hopefully it'll get patched soon though. :)


    I've also turned my eyes to the new Torment game coming up, and have backed that as well. Very exciting time I think. :)

  5. Just wanted to do a small post here and say that the game is amazing and has surprised me in just about every aspect. Not only is it the most fun I've had playing an Obsidian game, but I think it is also one of the most polished works they've done in recent memory.


    I hope the modding scene for this becomes a real thing. I truly believe it was communities like ours that helped fuel some of the support for their Kickstarter and the reboot of the isometric cRPG era.


    Also, the box is shiny.







  6. Weird! The timers between talks are pretty generic - maybe:

    Make sure you're at Rep 12 before she talks about her mom. I usually go to a temple in the promenade and pay my way up to 12 if I can.
    Try to rest in forest areas - some of her talks are triggered by area, which I realize now was probably terrible for the player experience, even if it seems cool to the plot.
    If all else fails and she's taking forever to talk, try advanceRealTime(999999)...I think that's the command but you'll have to double check maybe.


  7. It's a shame for them I think though because some of the updates and concept of the setting seemed pretty neat. I'd like to see them not throw away that setting and maybe apply it towards another single player project. While I'd like to see them step away from the MMO genre completely (I like the ME and DA multiplayer because it's separate and closer to co-op than an MMO) I can understand if they've sunk so much money into it and EA not wanting to give up that revenue.


    For now I'm eagerly awaiting E3 in hope that they will reveal the next Mass Effect. I personally think the DA team really redeemed themselves with Inquisition (it's not perfect of course) and you can tell they are proud of it, something I didn't really see with DA2. Hopefully the ME team has taken some notes. I'm also glad to see new leadership on the ME project - I think that there was a lot of antagonism from the management of ME2/3 towards the players and that really sucked.

  8. Hi Mike,


    Your assumption is correct but I see your point so I've revised the description a bit (in the main area - can't update the pledge!) to make it a tad more clear, though I honestly don't think it was super implied.


    "Recording the album in the highest quality possible" = purchasing new equipment, etc.?



    Among other things, yes. The story provides some backstory and talks about the costs that come with a pastime like this.


    I'm curious if you've considered offering licensing for the music from the album. You might be able to get some backing from indie game developers if you made it possible for them to use the music in games.



    Interesting but not really the goal. It's a stand alone album, much like the latest album from "Your favorite indie rock band". I've always offered consulting or licensing to people in general and this whole project is really just for 1) my own challenge and fun project and 2) getting some nice music not necessarily associated with a game or movie but of the genre out to people who are interested. :)

  9. Hey everyone!


    Wow, it's been an insane string of months. I seriously apologize for the link craziness. I moved our domain name to Google Domains with the rest of my domains and well, there's a couple other things that have to happen on the server end of G3 to get the links to direct properly again. Hopefully, it will happen soon but in the meantime, big props to Mike1072 for going through all of our mod pages and changing the links so our SEO ranking doesn't suffer too much or annoy our members.


    Some little highlights for what's happened so far this year!


    New Work Project Released!

    A week ago, my company released the newly designed Apartments.com! I was proud to have led the UI development of the site and to have been on the team that built it. Hopefully if any of you are looking for apartments in the US it'll help you. :)


    New Music Project and My First Kickstarter!

    That's right! I'm recording a new album and I'm looking for help to do it. I'm using Kickstarter to help fund the project, which should be released sometime in June of this year. I invite anyone interested or who is familiar with my music to check out the Kickstarter page!


    That's it from me for now. Hope the year is treating you well so far. :)

  10. Hey everyone,


    We are moving the g3 domain name to a new host. As a result, the subdomain - forums.gibberlings3.net - wasn't working properly because we need to get the host to point to it properly so we aren't getting incorrect links.


    The forums and downloads should be up for now. You might see some images or avatars missing but that should be fixed soon.



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