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Is there interest in more BG'rising of IWD2?


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I want to figure out if I want to stop here (after debugging of course), or go into the second IWD2 restructuring project, adding the duality that BG2 had.


Basically, what I would do if I go IWD2 way, is to write and implement two alternative story-lines through the game, that will utilize the same political situation and areas that are already in the game, but will have different quests and events sequences, with different outcomes from the OC. I might do away with a few areas in certain sequences, but I do not plan to add any new ones. Mostly it's going to be about dialogue, quests etc. I'd probably add two more joinable NPCs to the 10 already existing ones as well (a fighter-cleric of Tempus and a priestess of Talos), as the part of the package. I will also add more player-initiated content to non-romanced NPCs, and will give a try to introducing two more romances (one for each gender).


Is there any player interest in such an upgrade, and will it still be there in a year (which what it will probably take to get things done)?

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Thanks, guys. Well, maybe that is what I need to do. It's just now, when I am playing with a group that has a personality, I am feeling more and more that my PC got a personality, and she has to start dominating the plot, instead of the plot dominating her. And yes, I get this nagging feeling with NWN2, that I am not ready just yet to create a game completely of my own design. ;) I still need the good solid base, that IWD2 is providing to me.

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I would play it most likely, though a year is a long ways away.


I think you would do fine creating a NWN2 module though if you want to go that route. It's harder to come up with your own storyline, but in some ways I think it is more satisfying. Or it could always be a collaboration with another like-minded person.

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Heh, I don't want to sound like I am fishing for a compliment, but at present I don't think I am ready to build a complete game. I also have certain problems with D&D setting of the toolset vs what I want. I might be just panicking, but I feel that I need to learn too much too fast if I do NWN2, ie the ability to build the story via dialogues, globals and tie-ins, and script things that are not dialogues. And in the whole new toolset, that is not exactly user-friendly too. Not to mention the fact that I am no artist. ;) Well, first I need to get this one running smoothly.

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*waits for Jenova to evilly edit her post so that I'm unknowingly agreeing to abstain from chocolate or some other horrifying and unethical act* ;)

Now don't give me all those funny ideas. I am a calm and steady person but sometimes I get...crazy ;)


It's harder to come up with your own storyline, but in some ways I think it is more satisfying.

Oh, I don't know. Well, it depends on many things, but personally I find it easier for myself (I repeat: myself) to do my own work (be it modding, drawing, writing, dancing or whatever) than to try to fit to anothers work (fanart or fanfiction come to mind, but one can also apply it to modding and everything else!). And yes, one always sleeps better knowing that he/she did sometihing good and worthy on his/her own. ;)

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It's a good point, but the other thing to consider is that iwd stuff I'm doing is unique, while nwn mods are dime a dozen - or in all probability will be by the time I am anywhere close to release.


On another hand though, I've just read that the gensais are in the expansion, which gives my story an awsome boost, because gensai makes a lot of sense in my world.


Anyway, I guess, after I am done with my current play-test and actually finish NWN2 OC, I can update the game and actually try starting to build in NWN2 and see if it sucks me in or not, as it is very difficult to write 'into the table'.


I don't know. I just don't know ;)

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My fear is that IWD2's plot may be too difficult or impossible to save - I mean, even NWN1 OC/Hordes of the Underdark was better in terms of a plot. With IWD2, it's a lame villain in every town and a very linear plot with some very irritating puzzles - pull this lever this way and that way and that way again and press that button nine times or you won't get into the next chapter. What I've seen of IWD1 so far isn't loads better, though it might be... but, yeah, on the whole, I'm not sure IWD series might be worth it.


Also, from what I remember, that mod that planned ToB expansion and betterment - with its grand plans - stalled and died; and ToB is, for all its faults, more fun than IWD, and has a larger audience.


And - I don't like what I've seen of NWN mods(including Bioware modules) so far, because they were pretty weak new adventures in my book - but if NWN2 OC/expansion isn't horrible, why not expand the original adventure, build on it? It's possible, or isn't it?

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NWN2 OC is much worse than IWD2, imo. I don't mind most of IWD2 plot, apart from certain areas of uselessness and its fixation on killing every monster on the map.


At least in IWD2 you have a choice who is in your party. NWN2 is horrible in that regards sticking you with characters you hate, 'cause developer said so. It has the same chronology problem as BG1 did. There is no saving that one, save for re-writing the whole thing from scratch.


Plus modded content will be sticking out in NWN2 OC like a sore thumb because of the full voicing. Expansion might be better.


No, the only reason to go into NWN2 modding is doing your own thing, not trying to 'help' OC.


Besides I do have the relatively detailed story, world and NPCs set up to go, the snug is in doing.

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Guest Guest_Arconian_*

Well...speaking for myself, and only myself mind you ;) . I think that if you have detailed story and plot made for yourself, complete with NPC's and whatnot, why not do it? I mean Neverwinter Nights mods maybe a dime a dozen but it is the truley well thoughtout mods that stand out. So I don't think you really have to worry about that.


And if the coding of the mod and creating of the area's is what's getting you down...why not ask for help. There are probably quite a few players who are real magician's with the toolset but have trouble coming up with ideas and making a story compelling. This way would probably help in relieving some of the stress to.


But you know, tha's just my two cents ;)

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