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Some Russian recently hacked my website and added her webcomic mod to it, and now the FAQ for it is linking here for whatever reason. So I thought I would ask a question that's been bothering me.


Scripted liasons are fine, but when will Romantic Encounters start offering truly random romantic encounters?


Must we only be waylaid by enemies? Can't we be waylaid by people who just want a quickie in the alley?


Must we constantly be interrupted by brutish thugs? Can't we be interrupted by a luscious tug?


(PS: No fair adding some french kissing to Suna Seni and Renfeld. I asked about RANDOM encounters, not those things which just LOOK like random encounters.)

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How about an encounter with Jasper? I've always wanted a Jasper add-in. There's enough equipment for all kind of tastes in Château Irenicus, beds for the conservative, a torture chamber for the kinky and dark corners for the quick.


Make it for male pcs only, though. Jasper sounds gay.

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The idea is sound JC :) , but my question is just how these random things are hacked into successfully for that thing.


Personally I think its great addition to RE, since random shallowness to seriousness seems to be the life-blood of the whole thing, but since I'm no codder I haven't a clue for the answer to my question.

Anyone know? :)

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