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My One - Day NPC


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Those who get onto IRC may know I'm planning a One - Day NPC, which Cam's said I can put on G3. :) It's name will be Mur'Neth, and it is a Ghaunadan. These are a race of ooze shapechangers who venerate Ghaunadaur, they're like his servants.


The mod's going to be for Tutu, I'm going to place him somewhere in the Nashkel Mines. Probably.


Anyway, figured I'd post some stuff for comments before I get into actual coding! :p Which should be soon. And done within a day.


Name: Mur'Neth

Class: Thief (new kit, Ghaunadan)

Gender: None, but appears male :)

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

STR: 10

DEX: 11

CON: 16

INT: 13

WIS: 12

CHR: 16

Level: 3

Proficiencies: Club, short sword, dart?

Skills: No particular bias

Starting equipment: Club, studded leather, buckler, throwing daggers.


Here's a kit description, in progress. It's based on the Ghaunadan monster stuff I have in my 3E books. Note that a reason the stats aren't that high is the power of the kit...


GHAUNADAN: These vile, intelligent monsters are the loyal servants of Ghaunadaur, the evil deity venerated by oozes, slimes, jellies and some drow. Ghaunadans are similar to oozes, but they are quite intelligent and can form their bodies into the shape of an attractive humanoid. In its natural form, a ghaunadan resembles an oozelike creature such as an ochre jelly or green slime.


Ghaunadans lack many of the advantages of thieves, but make up for these with unique abilities of their own, such as their charming gaze and unique resistances.



-  May cast Friends once per day per 2 levels.

-  As an ooze - like creature, ghaunadans are immune to blindness, poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning, hostile polymorphing and critical hits. In addition, they have 10% resistance to bludgeoning damage.

-  Can make an Ooze Touch attack once per day per 3 levels. This attack does d6 damage and the target must save vs. poison at -2 or be held for 5 rounds.

-  Can shapeshift between ooze and human forms once per day per 5 levels. While in ooze form, all the character's attacks are paralytic. There is no limit to the time spent in either form.



-  Only gets 15 skill points per level.

-  Cannot backstab.

-  Cannot set traps.


Planned interaction points:


1. Should have something to say to the slime mage guy on one of the outdoor maps. Can't recall his name, though! ;)

2. There's some Slime King in the sewers of BG, too...

3. Conflict with Ajantis, since one's a Paladin and the other's a servitor of a CE deity...

4. Banters with most people.


The bio's still in progress, but:


When you ask about his past, MUR'NETH turns towards you and lets out a long, tortured gurgle. Although his true form is that of an ooze, he seems comfortable being referred to as a male.


You glean from his words a deep devotion to his deity Ghaunadaur, creator of his race. Mur'Neth reveals this is typical for his kind - they truly live to serve him. Mur'Neth was spawned only recently to investigate the tainting of the ores beneath the Nashkel Mines, which has resulted in the deaths of many of the native oozes and moulds in the area. This displeased Ghaunadaur greatly, though he seems content to permit Mur'Neth to accompany you for now...


Voicing should be provided soon by Mr. Justin C0rptni. ;) Ana has made a portrait, which I'll try and shove in here... Comments are welcomed!


I'll try and make the One Day soon, btw. :D Waiting on JC having free time, and then me having free time...


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Looks good, and any mod for BG1 is highly welcomed. ;)


Gender: None, but appears male


OMG ROMACNE??//? Actually, please don't, but imagine the possibilities. Is he asexual, bisexual... trisexual? Does he like chicks or cats?


Yeah, no... please no. ;)


But I do look forward to the release. Will definitely make for an interesting party companion.

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Well, I'd guess asexual. ;) It doesn't explicity say how they reproduce, but as they're slimes I guess they just bud or something. That's the line I'm taking.


Though sex with a shapechanger could probably throw up some interesting opportunities. ;):D

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Well, I'd guess asexual. ;) It doesn't explicity say how they reproduce, but as they're slimes I guess they just bud or something. That's the line I'm taking.


Though sex with a shapechanger could probably throw up some interesting opportunities. :D;)

Or it could be that they must consume say five times their body weight or more in a single moment. Most of the energy is expended in reproducing by budding, while the rest allows another Ghaunadon to be formed that shares the characteristics of its progenitor. And possibly memories. Once separated, it does slowly change of course, as influenced by its environment, etc.

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Yes, could be. ;) I know a few creatures in the Monster Manual reproduce that way... Though I don't think it's going to be involved with the mod!

Heh, though it might make an amusing dream sequence where each member in the party is consumed...and when your Ghaunadan wakes up, his tummy is rumbling.


And okay, I will let the thread get back on topic again ;)

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ANdy, the name of the slime mage is Narcillicus. He is in the FW5000 (Valley of the Tombs, when you exit Nashkel Mines). If you ask him for a copy of the spell he is working on he will attack you with two Mustard Jellies. Alternatively you can question his sanity in which case four Green Slimes will attack and he will flee.

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