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Okay...I'm got bored and read through some old threads, and I came to see, judging by general tone that loooots of people on here have...less than favorable attitudes towards today's RPG's/games in general. So am I the ONLY one here who doesn't mind a good Final Fantasy/Xenosaga/Zelda romp now and then?

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I'm a fan of console RPGs like the Final Fantasy series, Xenosaga, Kingdom Hearts, Tales of <Blank> series, etc. Those actually make up most of my game collection, with my only PC games being the BG saga and the IWD games (well, and EverQuest, but that's a MMORPG). However, I enjoy both styles of game equally - so long as the story doesn't suck and the gameplay doesn't make me want to bang my head against a wall, I'm happy :)

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It's hard to consider games like FF and Kingdom Heart true RPGs, because the choices you get for the so called "role playing" are less than satisfactory, in my opinion anyway.


FF games were fun, but my thing with them is that if I'm going to spend 50 dollars on a game, I want to be able to actually play it, not watch it.


Zelda games are always cute, but the story is always the same in every edition.

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*nods* That's always the idea I got when I looked at the FF games, and most (I'm not saying all) console RPG's in general. I don't own a console, but my significant other does, and I did have fun with some of the games on there, but I've yet to see a console game with the same... well, depth, as some of the PC games I've played.


That's not to say I don't like more recent RPG's; I played a lot of the first NWN (mods, not the OC), liked the second one and its expansion, liked Jade Empire (yes, arguably a console RPG), loved the first Kotor and liked the second, and loved The Witcher. I might be forgetting a few as I'm going along, though.

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Hmmm... well the way I always looked at an RPG was as a book that you get to have control over. I mean, a brand new hard cover book is twenty bucks...and an RPG is a book with video. And voicing. And some action thrown in. I could make the usual arguement that the less customization there is, the greater the room for character development; for example, the histories and actions between characters in, say FFVII, or Xenosaga is far greater than anything a developer could release in Baldur's Gate. The biggest asset BGII has over console game, IMO, is modders.

Cheers, modders!

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Probably my favourite two genres of computer/console games are RPGs and action-adventure games (a genre which has many sub-genres, and consequently includes games as diverse as Resident Evil, Metroid Prime, and Ratchet & Clank), and as action RPGs are pretty much a cross between the two, some of my favourite games are action RPGs. I seem to be one of the few people who like both Baldur's gate and Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance :).


I've also found that space exploration games (Elite and Privateer being the classic examples) have a lot in common with RPGs. You can chose what type of character to play (bounty hunter, trader, pirate, mercenary, etc), there's lots of exploration, there are NPCs, there's usually one main quest with numerous side-quests, you gain better equipment as the game progresses, etc. More recent games in the genre feature even more RPG-like elements, such as levelling up and stats (Darkstar One) and classes (Space Force).

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Guest Tempest

I feel RPG's are in a twilight state these days, for the most part. The Zelda games are usually quite enjoyable (I still occasionally haul out my old console to play Ocarina of Time), but they're not role-playing games. They're adventure games. I have an intense loathing for JRPG's in general-they're too boring.


However, there are still some excellent conventional RPG's out there. The Knights of the Old Republic series is excellent, if more than a little buggy, Neverwinter Nights 2 is very good, and Mass Effect has made me buy an Xbox 360 for that game alone.

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No peaceful solutions to quests

I'm not exactly sure how much of BG2 the person actually played if that is their take on the game.


I agree on their suggestion that Daggerfall was a more enjoyable game, for me anyway, then Morrowind. However, I wouldn't rate Arcanum as no. 1. It was a great game and I thoroughly enjoyed it (loved the atmosphere) and have replayed it but it did have an overly complicated character development system and lots of difficult combat near the end of the game.(I got so tired of getting armour and weapons fixed or replaced.)


soft spoilers for Arcanum







It also had rather dubious quests(?) for a female pc with opportunities for prostitution. This was all well and good where there was a choice(it is after all, generally, a fact of life in most societies), however the continuation of one quest involved (unless you had a very high persuade skill) sex or murder to get an essential item to get into a certain club.

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I seem to be one of the few people who like both Baldur's gate and Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance :).
BG:DA wasn't bad really, for a console game. BG:DA2 actually had the potential to be even better, what with the weapon customisation system (a la "Item Upgrade" mods etc.) but fizzled pretty badly toward the end. And the BG:DA3 they evidently had planned (from the glimpse at the end of BG:DA2) looked phenomenal, but of course they failed to make it just like the supposed BG3. There are actually some other decent console FRPGs like the Norrath series (same engine as BG:DA supposedly), Bard's Tale (remake of the old PC series), Shadows of Colossus, etc. I'm really picky with console games tho - never touched the FF or japanime stuff that's out there by the hundreds and the thousands.
I've also found that space exploration games (Elite and Privateer being the classic examples) have a lot in common with RPGs.
Heh... wow... someone else who remembers Elite? Yeh, of course there are SRPGs (space or sci-fi) just as well as FRPGs (fantasy or medieval) roleplaying games. I prefer the latter but don't mind dabbling into the former if they're well-done.
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I played arcanum, but i don't think it is better than bg2.

A pity that Troika died.

Btw, i liked Morrowind and Oblivion as well, i would still want to play real pure RPGs.

ToEE was one, but it was buggy and short and had a weak story (old p&p modules are mostly just dungeon crawls).

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Bloodlines is fucking awesome. Just make sure you have the 1.2 patch and a Gig or RAM = no problems.


Kotor series is great also. Many times I have replayed those games because they are so interesting.


I wouldn't touch that console garbage, they're not even true RPGs. Those BG games on consoles has nothing to do with the BG series and is an insult to that BG name.

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Hold on now... the Dark Alliance games were fun dungeon crawls. Some people like dungeon crawls (me!)


Bard's Tale was hilarious, I loved that game.


I HATED Oblivion. It sucked, and sucks. I actually think Morrowind is better, in terms of storyline.

And boo to people who don't like FF games-your loss.

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I fail to see how a game not being a "true RPG" (which is a completely subjective term BTW; many pen'n'paper purists would say that the Baldur's Gate series and even Planescape: Torment aren't "true RPGS") prevents it from being fun, or even from being a great game. There *are* good games that aren't even remotely RPGs, after all :).

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