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Attack Speed


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What is the range for opcode 190 Attack Speed Factor? How is it different from #1 Attacks per Round Modifier (why would you use one and not the other)?

Attack Speed for a weapon changes how soon after a round begins the weapons attacks, and the time it takes between attacks if there are multiple attacks per round.


This is why the weapons with a 0 speed factor are best for disrupting spellcasters.


using this effect would apply the change to the speed factor of whatever equipped weapon, for instance, a pair of bracers which allow faster attacks, by lowering the attack speed factor of whatever weapon is used.

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I guess I'm trying to interpret the IESDP description:

Alters the weapon's attack speed by the value specified by the 'Speed Modifier' field. This effect is not cummulative.
(The bold is for the two typos I've corrected :help:.)


So if I put a 10 in the Speed Modifier field, what does this do? If the weapon-in-use's speed is 5, does it reduce it to 0, make it 15, or do something else?

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Nythrun will know. If it doesn't have the standard type (inc, %, set) modifiers, it probably increments and you can use a negative value to decrement (improve speed factor). Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure the kensai's bonus SPCL uses a positive value, and this improves speed factor (reduces by Amount, to 0); a negative value would be a penalty to speed factor (maximum 10 IIRC).


On equal footing, the lowest speed factor would win (that weapon could attack first), but as stated, the characters in combat in IE usually aren't on equal footing (personal rounds aren't synchronized). But I don't think anybody has ever tried to figure out the exact effects (they may have hacked around it so that it does have an effect when two personal rounds weren't started at the same time; who knows).


Note that any use of this effect will ruin the kensai's (?) speed factor bonus (as the IESDP, it's not cumulative - the last speed mod to be applied wins).

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As I have said, the speed factor influences the delay from the start of a personal round to your attack. So if you had a speed factor 0 weapon, you could have a character standing next to the mage, and not attacking until he starts his cast, then attacking, and it would disrupt immediately if he hit. Not only that, but the speed factor is used between each strike in a round, so using kundane is really cool, since it has speed factor 0 and gives an additional attack, which would come in segments 1 and 2 - usually before your opponent has even swung once.


Is that clear now?

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Actual speed factor, not the speed factor mod parameter.

Ok, but he wrote stat, whose default value is 0.

The physical speed stat (higher is better) is subtracted from the weapon speed (slowness - lower is better), and this is used for attack delay (lower is better).

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A glipse of the new IESDP writing style:


As the given parameter increases towards positive infinity, the attack speed of the target creature(s) tends towards zero. The effect is discontinuous, with sucessive applications acting in a mannor akin to instances affecting a static variable. This self-evident and obvious fact can therefore easily be seen: 'do not use for kensai'.

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