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There's been some discussion in another thread of crossmod content for Angelo, so I thought I would open it up. Now I should say: I'm new to the world of BG modding, and my serious playing days are sort of behind me--so I haven't really played any mods seriously, except (because I love the sound of my own voice[/jk]) K.'s Xan. I have taken a look at some of them which seem fantastic, and when Angelo is finished, maybe I'll get the chance to play them thoroughly.


In the meantime, those of you who are versed in the ways of modding might want to throw in your two cents. Both for those in the beta (who sort of know Angelo already) and those who aren't, and don't--which of these mods would you most like to see crossmod content with? Your personal favorite? The one you authored? One you just think would bounce off him nicely? Again, if you can cheat and vote again, go right ahead.


These are all mods I know at least something about (if only from looking at their pages) and would be far from averse to having content with. Only ones that have currently been released are included for now. Some of them may be impossible because, for all I know, the authors are no longer around. A few may be omitted because content is already in the works--*shh* :) Of course, it's totally up to the authors' discretion whether it happens or not--I just wanted to get a sense of what people might want :)


Also naturally, feel free to vote "other" and tell me who I missed!

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-Angelo already has three talks with Xan, plus one "romance conflict" talk in keeping with both their laconic natures.


-I've always had a soft spot for Beyond the Law (although, again, I haven't played it) since Kiyone's name brings back fond memories of an anime so old that they dubbed over the theme songs, and that I first watched the very same weekend I first played Baldur's Gate II. Funny how things work out...

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-Yikari: Let me put it this way, if it were up to me the whole game would be set in Kara-Tur, since--as may be more than apparent--I am the biggest Japanophile to walk the earth since Lafcadio Hearn. Anyone hailing from thereabouts automatically has my attention. Although I sort of wish instead of doing something with the Celestial Fury, it removed that katana-shaped block of parmesan from the game entirely.

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Then your first target is Tsujatha, Saerileth, Yasraena and especially Willie Bruce, since their authors, Sillara and nethrin, actually *live* in Japan.


It's Kulyok, by the way. I might shorten my real name to an initial(though I honestly don't recall that), but shortening "Kulyok" is a terrible sacrilege. :)

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Then your first target is Tsujatha, Saerileth, Yasraena and especially Willie Bruce, since their authors, Sillara and nethrin, actually *live* in Japan.


They've retired from modding though, if I remember correctly.


I'd like to see modding content with Miss Sakaki's and Feuille's Nathaniel. I wonder what he'd think of an old buddy of Sarevok's.

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I think I've seen some crossmod content for Iylos and Saerileth recently, so it's likely possible to get in contact with them through their e-mail or whatnot.


Oh, and about Solaufein: the newest version has a banter about our sensual dark elf, just after we meet him in Ust Natha(see "Final beta up!" topic). It's based on some interesting coding on my part, so I'd be really relieved when we hear positive reports. (Not like "it's great", though that's good, too, but like "it works").

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Wow, twenty votes and nine replies overnight! I guess crossmod is a thing that people like.


I looked at Saerileth, but I was frightened by the intense flame wars going on on her forums. As for Tsujatha, I admit I got kind of lost in the sixty-page novella introducing him...


Edwin romance noted. It might be interesting since they have a lot in common: it's like, which of these two ne'r-do-wells would you rather romance? As for romance conflict in general, though (minor spoilers)


there tends to be less of it, because by the time Angelo really considers himself in a relationship with you, the variable is already at two. Until then he's unlikely to pursue the PC. I imagine as well, Edwin requires a similar "pursuit," so a player might really have to extend herself to get the two to butt heads. There could be something in line with Xan's current so-called conflict, though (i.e. just some gentle or not-so-gentle ribbing)...

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I was under the impression that Irenicus of The Longer Road was off limits.


Really? That's a shame. The author isn't around, or they just don't like to crossmod? (not that I had my heart set on it or anything)


Considering Nathaniel was a member of the Flaming Fist, I'd think he and Angelo would have alot to talk about.


Quite so. One thing is that the Angelo mod posits some things about the Fist, namely:


-the Fist will occasionally contract work outside (or even within) its jurisdiction to bounty hunters and common mercenaries; officers of the Fist (many of them good-aligned) are divided about this, but it continues in any case

-Angelo himself once joined on as one of these operatives, already secretly on the Iron Throne's payroll

-With Scar's death he was promoted to Captain from "within the ranks"--sort of :)

-The current Captain of the Fist is a man named Desmond Merzer


If nothing in this contradicts anything in Nathaniel, or the discrepancy could be ironed over, it's a go-ahead; although of course it's up to Miss Sakaki. Maybe I'll drop her a line.


Which reminds me! Content with Iylos from SHS (two talks in ToB) is now official! Thanks, K'aeloree! :) I liked what I've seen of Iylos and thought it would be a good place to start.

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By the way, regarding Romantic Encounters, this is me in another thread:


There was actually some discussion of this, as Kulyok is one of RE's authors. My thought was this: Angelo has a reaction to a male PC sleeping with Phaere, and it seemed like his reaction to other such encounters would be a repeat of that. As for a woman, Angelo is actually a raging hypocrite when it comes to this, and would probably feel a little threatened whether in the romance or not--but it would be a complex reaction, hard to treat in just a few interjections. In other words there might be so much content that I'd feel people without RE would be missing out! So as neat as it sounds, it's probably not on for now. Although if I or somebody else thought up a great idea for a specific encounter, that might work.


So--if you voted RE, is there a particular component you'd like content for? I know they come packaged separately.

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So--if you voted RE, is there a particular component you'd like content for? I know they come packaged separately.

Options for a female PC where Anomen comments (or it's planned):

Bjornin, Coran, Desharik, Gaelan, Hendak, Laran (in SoA, he just comments, in ToB, there might be a duel), Ribald, Saemon, Solaufein, Talak.


These are the most visible encounters, in the sense that it's pretty clear that there was the option that something was going on.


Also, it all depends on whether you want Angelo to interact directly with the NPC in question or whether you want this all to be between Angelo and the PC. If it's the latter, it's all up to you, but if you want dialogue between Angelo and the "romanceable" NPC, you might need involvement from the original writer.


Of these, I wrote Laran and Talak, so if you'd like interaction between Angelo and either of these, drop me a line, and we'll work something out.

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