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Component suggestion: Expanded CW Spell Detection


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I've always thought it a bit silly that the Cowled Wizards can detect magic being cast anywhere in the city--unless you move 5 feet into a building, at which point they become deaf, blind, and dumb. I think it would be an interesting idea to see their detection abilities extended into all Athkatla buildings.


There should be some exceptions, of course. It makes sense that some folks have already bribed the CWs in advance or that some areas are unknown to the CWs and/or protected--I can't imagine they're going to bother the Copper Coronet, Guarded Compound, Shadow Thieves' Guild, Twisted Rune, etc. However, I don't see any reason why they wouldn't turn up while filling Neb with Magic Missiles in a derelict bridge district house.


I'm also not entirely sure why they ignore the entire Graveyard district. :suspect:

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Excellent point, and while it has always been an annoying feature, it is an integral part of the setting. Adding a little more consistency to it wouldn't hurt, in my opinion.


This would add a tactical element of remembering 'safe' building where you can buff up, heal, etc.


I'm all for it!

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I like it in theory but just to play devil's advocate....


Aren't a lot more "important" NPCs inside, rather than outside buildings? Might cowled wizards showing up and casting AoE spells and/or summoning fiends etc whilst in the Five Flagons or the Sea's Bounty (for example) break some quests if certain NPCs get caught in the crossfire?


I enjoy mage battles, and don't like paying off the cowled wizards out of principle, so when I'm high enough level I usually go over to the city gate area and start casting spells to trigger some "cowled wizard showdowns". If the town crier or one of the guards dies in any ensuing crossfire, it's no big loss. Not sure the same could be said elsewhere.

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Although I favour the extension of the ban to most areas (with exceptions for the Shadow Thieves/CC/etc), perhaps major NPC zones in inns could be excluded from the extra buildings to prevent quest breakage. Perhaps as the inkeeps have purchased "site licenses" to allow guests to use magic for their comfort.


Of course, it does give you more reason to purchase that license and more reason to be wary otherwise...

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(I'm for doing this for internal consistency. But I will try the Opposition Party for a sec...)


Presumably, the Cowled Wizards are like the Thayvian Tower - there are a million reasons - from extensive graft, corruption, inattention, political manipulation, or anything else right down to the fact that they just lost a whole pile of enforcers to Irenicus and are a little shorthanded.


So the argument could be made that they asre only consistently able to scry the streets and alleys, leaving the buildings alone.


For a more "interesting" experience, you could make it a "tweak" and borrow igi's cool randomization arrays, and make the areas of enforcement random by game...



"But I didn't get caught in that building over there, Officer!"


"Ignorance is no excuse. Besides, that is Jaquia's territory, and I don't mess with her. You, my friend, either owe me a sizeable sum to look the other way, or I run you in right now."

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Like I said, I think there would be some main reasons for exceptions: one is that the owners of an area would already be paid up (Copper Coronet) , the area is either unknown to the CWs (pirate area under the Sea's Bounty), or has some sort of magical safeguards that prevent monitoring (Twisted Rune). This would actually exclude most of the areas of interest in Athkatla:


AR0021 Crooked Crane 1st Floor
AR0022 Crooked Crane 2nd Floor
AR0082 Lich Grave in Bridge District Inn
AR0201 Ghouls village under Temple District
AR0202 The Unseeing Eye Cult Hideout
AR0203 Temple of the Forgotten God -- Amaunator (Unseeing Eye Plot)
AR0204 The Forgotten Believers -- Temple City (Unseeing Eye Plot)
AR0205 The Beholder Hideout (Unseeing Eye Plot)
AR0206 The Halfling Village in the Sphere
AR0301 Mae'Var's Hide Out
AR0302 Mae'Var's Inn 1st Floor -- Entrance
AR0303 Mae'Var's Inn 2nd Floor -- Training Area
AR0304 Mae'Var's Inn 3rd Floor -- Edwin
AR0305 Shadow Thieves Guild Entrance
AR0306 Renal Bloodscalp's Hideout
AR0307 Aran Linvail's Hideout
AR0308 Harper's 1st Floor
AR0309 Harper's 2nd Floor
AR0310 Pirates' Hideout in Sea Bouny Tavern
AR0311 Living Room (Entry points outside and up) -- Gaelan?
AR0312 Sleeping Room (Entry poin down) -- Arledrian
AR0313 Sea Bounty Tavern 1st Floor
AR0314 Sea Bounty Tavern 2nd Floor
AR0315 Living Room (Favour for Edwin -- Mae'Var Plot)
AR0316 Sleeping Room (Favour for Edwin -- Mae'Var Plot)
AR0317 Sleeping Room (Favour for Edwin -- Mae'Var Plot)
AR0319 Temple of Oghma
AR0321 Thief Stronghold (Hideout)
AR0322 Thief Stronghold (1st Floor)
AR0323 Thief Stronghold (2nd Floor)
AR0324 Thief Stronghold (3rd Floor)
AR0327 Shadow Thief Entrance (sided with Bodhi)
AR0328 Shadow Thief 1st Floor (sided with Bodhi)
AR0329 Aran's Hideout (sided with Bodhi)
AR0331 House Cellar (Kangaxx)
AR0401 Jansen Cellar
AR0402 Jansen 1st Floor
AR0403 Jansen 2nd Floor
AR0404 Sewers beneath Coronet -- Lilarcor
AR0405 Slaver's Ship Building
AR0406 Copper Coronet
AR0410 Sphere: Navigator's room -- Lavok's Hideout
AR0411 Sphere: Entrance floor
AR0412 Sphere: Ice and Fire Room
AR0413 Sphere: Enginge Room
AR0414 Sphere: Demon Plane
AR0418 Myconids
AR0419 Myconid
AR0420 Sphere: Lizardmen Hideout 
AR0503 Tanner's Hideout Dock
AR0507 Kidnappers' Hideout 1st Floor
AR0508 Kidnappers' Hideout 2nd Floor
AR0509 Five Flagons Inn 1st Floor
AR0510 Five Flagons Inn Theater
AR0511 Five Flagons Inn 2nd Floor
AR0512 Temple of Helm
AR0513 Calbor's Inn at Bridge District 1st Floor
AR0514 Inn at Bridge District 2nd Floor
AR0515 Inn at Bridge District 3rd Floor
AR0516 Planar Prison
AR0517 Planar Prison Cell
AR0518 Planar Prison Cell
AR0519 Planar Prison Cell
AR0520 Planar Prison Cell
AR0521 Planar Prison Cell
AR0522 Five Flagons Inn (Stronghold)
AR0523 Five Flagons Theater (Stronghold)
AR0526 Sarcophagus Cellar
AR0600 Circus Tent (phased)
AR0604 Circus Tent 1st Floor
AR0605 Circus Tent 2nd Floor
AR0606 Circus Tent 3rd Floor
AR0702 Adventurer's Mart
AR0704 Mithrest Inn
AR0705 Mekrath's Hideout in the Sewers (Haer'Dalis Plot)
AR0709 Den of the Seven Vales 1st Floor
AR0711 Illithid Hideout in the Sewers (The Hidden Plot)
AR0712 Den of the Seven Vales 2nd Floor
AR0713 Store or Inn at Promenade
AR0801 Bodhi's Hideout (sided with Aran)
AR0802 Netherscroll, Korgan's Book, Edwin
AR0803 Bodhi's Lair (sided with Aran)
AR0804 Pai'Na's Hideout
AR0808 Bodhi's Hideout (Abduction Plot, getting Imoen's soul)
AR0809 Bodhi's Lair (Abduction Plot, getting Imoen's soul)
AR0901 Temple of Helm
AR0902 Temple of Lathander
AR0904 Temple of Talos
AR0906 Guarded Compound 1st Floor
AR0907 Guarded Compound 2nd Floor
AR1002 Councel Building
AR1008 Twisted Rune
AR1010 Temple of Waukeen


These I think would be subject to CWs:

AR0041 Random Encounter City
AR0045 Random Encounter City
AR0046 Random Encounter City (bridge)
AR0318 Storage Room
AR0325 Corthala House 1st Floor
AR0326 Corthala House 2nd Floor
AR0330 House 1st Floor (Kangaxx)
AR0332 Barracks in the Docks
AR0333 Barracks in the Docks
AR0334 Cromwell's Shop
AR0335 Sleeping Room 
AR0407 Prebek's House
AR0408 Temple of Ilmater
AR0409 Living Room (Ployer's home)
AR0415 Living Room 1st Floor
AR0416 Living Room 2nd Floor
AR0417 Living Room
AR0501 Tanner's Hideout 1st Floor
AR0502 Tanner's Hideout Cellar
AR0504 Saerk's House 1st Floor
AR0505 Saerk's House 2nd Floor
AR0506 Noble House 1st Floor
AR0525 House 1st Floor
AR0527 House 1st Floor
AR0528 House 2nd Floor
AR0529 Neb's Hideout
AR0530 Storehouse
AR0531 Commoner House
AR0607 Circus Tent restored
AR0701 The Sewers
AR0703 Temple of Ilmater
AR0706 Armourer/Fletcher
AR0707 Enge's Shop
AR0708 Cernd's former home
AR0710 Fennecia's Home
AR0800 Graveyard
AR0805 Crypt
AR0806 Crypt
AR0807 Crypt
AR0810 Crypt
AR0811 Crypt
AR0812 Crypt
AR0813 Crypt
AR0903 Order of the Radiant Heart
AR0905 Pimlico's Estate
AR1001 Delryn's Estate
AR1003 Firecam's Estate
AR1004 Deril's Estate (Cernd Plot)
AR1005 Prison
AR1006 Jysstev's Estate (Oisig Plot)
AR1007 Noble House
AR1009 Noble House (Isaea Roenall's)


These are just preliminary ideas, so folks can start arguing about the areas. :suspect: If you were so inclined, you could also have a CW approach you to pay an additional bribe for excluding the FF/thieves' guild once you take possession of them as a stronghold.


I like. Presumably it's just a matter of adding a chunk of script to a few dozen area scripts?

CreateCreatureObjectDoor("COWENF2",LastTrigger,0,0,0) // Cowled Enforcer



cowenf.cre summons whoever is appropriate for the encounter.

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