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So, what does a modder do?



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Other: Create your own community


already there IMHO --> Farcture! Forums with ten users rock!


I voted for 'hidden pre-release'... because telling newbies that they forgot a patch (and hurling some insults meanwhile) is a great way of releasing the anger for not being able to properly update <-- this is a joke :p


Of course, being able of properly releasing on yourself doesn't help always.


EDIT: I have FTP access for www.gibberlings3.net/widescreen and can post in the IEModding News forum. I thought all G3 modders had at least #1 (for releasing a mod and linking it from the DL page), but apparently I am mistaken.

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Um, aren't you hosted at PPG already? Why not just move all your work to PPG?


I'm sure you'd be welcome at RPGD, and Rastor does grant FTP access to hosted modders, but I'm not sure if the option would appeal to you (we're not as popular with the masses... :p)



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After having briefly dealt with Improved Asylum and one of RPGD's Item Packs, I quickly decided to ignore forever RPGD mods on fear that their high quality is contageous.


Hmm... I can't speak for my fellow Dungeon Dwellers, and I don't want to trade flames about which community is better, but I think that's an unfair generalization. We don't devote our modding time to creating a false hey-look-at-us-we're-so-cool-and-professional-and-better-than-everyone-else image, but you'll definitely find some gems at the site.


For example:


Morrow Gate! :p



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I voted to overthrow Cam just because I found that funny. I'd never do it though because he's the heart and soul of this place, and though I haven't done any IE modding in over a year, I still enjoy being a gibberling. :p


You could always do what I do and keep your mods offline to yourself and your local friends/family. Sure, it's hard to break the "must be online" mold that grew out of the last two decades, but there is a world offline. You can update your mod all you want, you don't have to deal with complaints or providing technical support to the classic person with 100 mods installed and this odd problem after installing yours... or maybe it was number 49, or maybe... :p


But seriously, just pester Cam and see what he thinks.

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Hmm... I can't speak for my fellow Dungeon Dwellers, and I don't want to trade flames about which community is better, but I think that's an unfair generalization.


I think it's a pretty fair one. No offence to you personally, but there are reasons why RPGD should be studiously avoided imo. :p

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Yeah, when one of its trademark ones can't be downloaded from its site because of 404's and a version nabbed from DHDC contains this exact code:


DisplayString(Myself,@62) // Berserk Rage

it's going to set a very encouraging trend.


Not to mention that the site's admin has kept an item mod (Unusual Oddities) in perma-crash mode for over an year (caused by a typo he says he doesn't have time to fix).

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