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Voice actress for Imoen as a girl


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Project information - A Deathstalker is a small mod for NWN2; my goal is the complete voicing. The project has 21 significant characters and a number of random lines for the scenery characters. I am actively looking for the voices that match the roles, though I have prepared for recording only the following role so far (see below). Deathstalker is a mod for evil-aligned characters.


Audition deadline June 1st, 2008


Recording and Contact information:


-Record in 44100hz 32-bit Float Mono MP3

-Save the lines as ds_njnpc_imoenn_000X (as per the script below)

-Send your auditions to domi.sotto@gmail.com


Character Info:


Gender: Female

Name: Imoen (as a girl)

Age: 8-10 yo

Bio: This girl is short, bratty, and quick on her feet. The waif has a skinny kitten accompanying her, and the two have a similar cautious and curious manner. She seems peculiarly unafraid for a kid wandering the ill-fated Forest of Mir.

Voice type: Girl's voice, very perky.


The Total # of Lines: 17


Audition Lines:


ds_njnpc_imoenn_0001 Huh, ya scared me! Please, don't hurt me! I've been berry-pickin'. Ma family's really poor, and half o'em sickened, they can't get by without my berries.

ds_njnpc_imoenn_0002 Pish-tosh! Don't ya come any closer to me! I'm a great wizardess, Imoen the Magnificent, only in disguise, and that's my fearsome familiar!

ds_njnpc_imoenn_0003 Puff, growl at 'em!


List of received auditions :


none so far


NOTE: I am looking for a relatively high initial quality of the sound. I only have Audacity, so cleaning up the files messes with the voice itself. In particular, pops are tough to clean out. I implore you to use a screen (a sheet of paper, a stocking on a hanger) to prevent the pop-ups. Also, please record on the low setting of the mike. Allow plenty of lead time before you start talking and allowing it to continue recording for a while after you have done speaking. If your line is more than one sentence long, allow an extra-long pause between sentences, drawing breath, if necessary. Hold the microphone far enough away from your face so that you do not oversaturate the recording. You can tell if it's oversaturated because the displayed waveform of the recording will look like it's got the tops and the bottoms of the waves clipped off.

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Yeah, the challenge of it being a child role, combined with the fact that it's such an iconic character (it's not like you're asking somebody to do "Cernd during his college days"... the potential for cries of "Liar! Fake! Fraud!" is a lot higher here), presumably makes it less of a "run don't walk" affair.


(That, and only giving it 32 hours, perhaps?)

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Also, if you find someone who can voice her as an adult, you can warp up the pitch in Audacity reasonably well without changing the speed. Though her adult voice sounds rather childish to me as it is...

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I honestly don't think that her 'child' voice will be that different from the adult one; and yep, I know about changing pitches :) The 'problem' seems to be with finding an actress atm.

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I will once I have the list of all roles that I need and haven't found the voice actors for - and the entire mod is ready appart from the voicing. :) I was just expecting the same enthusiasm for Imoen as I got for Havarian.

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