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You Can't Die, You Fool, You're Immortal.


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Have had some interesting conversations in the past about this so I figured what not pose the question to several hundred people? You've just survived something that should have absolutely killed you. Apparently you're immortal. What are you're plans now? Fears? Hopes?

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Giggle hysterically for several minutes.


Bum around the world, living the high life.


Get bored.


Spend several years travelling the world in order to punch one of every species of animal (and some plants).


Sell book of hilarious photos of yourself punching (and being savaged by) said animals.


Take up knitting.


Become a super-hero


Get Bored


Become a super-villain


Spend several millenia dancing like an idiot, just to annoy people.

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-Make several guiness world records (Oldest guy? Only guy to jump off the Empire state Bldg and live?)


-Go on tour as a spokesperson for "healthy living" (with Guiness records as proof) charging $5000/seat for my seminars.


-Take money and buy remote island near the Bahamas.


-Declare myself president for life and develop weapons of mass destruction (ONLY KIDDING) :groucho:


-Turn island into Fantasy Island and hire the midget from Austin Powers to be my "Tattoo". Spend frivilous money trying to make peoples dreams come true that should be entertaining I rekon.

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So far these responses have been really good for a laugh. I was expecting something more serious I suppose but these are wonderful.

One tihng you may want to think about is immune to death isn't necessarily immuen to crippling or severe pain, particularly that of the chronic nature...

True. Note I also said apparently you're immortal...

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Guest Aristothenes

Spend years playing games(currently doing this)

Learn how to code(on break from this).

Make a game avoiding all the annoyances of the earlier ones I played(later).

Make it deep, compelling and fast to save.

After I've made the mint of money, pay off Bioware and related vampire lawyers to end the BG saga with an excellent game.

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Well, seriously speaking, I would try to get rid of this immortality. I wouldn't want to lose all my friends and family - it would be awful, knowing that you are going to live alone after all your loved ones have died. Humans are not supposed to be immortal, I think it would be a horrible fate.

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